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Trapped…Between pages of the book

“Trapped” is a short nonfiction book written by Marc Aronson that introduces an incident of miners being confined inside the mine. While showing the rescue operations proceeded above ground and the systemization and dispassionateness of the miners below ground, it goes through the ideas of discrimination, hope, empathy, and survival instinct. The theme I found in this book is that humanity tends to occur only in extreme circumstances, but we should always have it in our minds.

I think this book tries to emphasize its theme in a way that readers could feel boring and wordy, so it is easy to lose interest soon after you start reading. Sometimes,  I even found myself reading the same passage over and over again. Also, the story itself does not unfold very dramatically. Therefore, in general, I don’t recommend this book for readers who want excitement from the book.

In this unit, I learned some note-taking strategies that can provide me a deeper understanding of the book. I can now more quickly understand the meaning of puzzling paragraphs and effectively organize and look for ideas. Also, when I am annotating and taking notes, I found out that I become more engaged and concentrated so that I doze off less.

Brief explanation about the incident




  1. Used a lot of interesting words, spoke without any fear or any stuttering. I understand the theme because 1, I read the same book, there is no 2.

  2. The theme was very clear, and you supported it with two pieces of evidence. Also, you spoke very clearly.

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