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French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, then Bloody

The French Revolution happened in 1789 in France by the people who were sick of the unjustness and inadequacy of the current system. Through the famous Tennis Court Oath, they succeed in establishing a new constitution along with the rise of new supported forces. Things seemed to go well, until it became a venue for a bloody massacre…


Collaboration with my teammate was pretty easy. We could work together for a good amount of time and communicated via chatting platforms to give each other feedback, suggest modifications,  distribute left work, etc. It was hard to work on the weekend, though, because we both didn’t have much time and couldn’t give immediate responses and amendments to each other’s work that was done in a rush. Still, I think the result is of a decent quality.


  1. it has a lot of information and it’s very good. yay

  2. I love the visuals and think the information was nicely presented in a very organized way.

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