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The American Revolution Brought to You by Taxation

I have learned a lot by studying  American Revolution and Russian Revolution. My own understanding is that in revolution or war people should good at use strategy. In the American Revolution, I think the American Revolutionaries have found their own way to change the war to the way they can control.  For historical ideas are, Life and liberty everyone is equal. Furthermore, I noticed that in Revolution or war spirit of unity is pretty important!



“I am Malala” is a book wrote by Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb that explores how Malala raised up education, religion, courage, and women’s right. The story of the book depicts Malala’s memory. When Malala was still a teenager, Malala knows how education matters to her. Therefore, when the Taliban arrived in her hometown and started burn things and ban girls from going to school, Malala spoke up against them. But she got shot by the Taliban on Thursday morning when she went to school by school bus. Lucky, Malala was alive and she and her father were able to provide a lot of force to support education.

Two themes of this book are women’s rights and education.

The first quote comes from page 265 “one child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”. The second quote comes from page 263 “5.1 million children don’t even go to primary school even though in our constitution it says every child has that right.” Part of the story is that Malala’s father was encouraging her to attend school and taught her to begin on her writing. Those 2 quotes show how education is important to people. We need to be thankful for our life today. I believe that one of the motivations that let Malala have the courage to spoke up against the system is because of her father’s supports. This has finally led to Malala spoke up for women’s rights, education.

Finally, I highly recommend this book to people who like to read inspirational books. By far for me “I Am Malala ” is the most inspirational book I’ve read. It was so interesting to know what happens to her and her’s country. Moreover, It describes some sad problems that are still happening today. It is happening in the world that many children didn’t have their right to education, courage, religion, and women’s right. This book also mentioned that we need to focus on the “world problem” and we need to fix it to make our “family” become better.

All in all, two things I learned from this unit are: I can have a deeper understanding of non-fiction books and I really enjoy teamwork, and we can have a conversation about the book. The most interesting part was the debate section! it really practiced our way of thinking and our presentation skill.

Good Boxers? No, Bad!


Boxer deserves a bad reputation in my case when looking at the following facts. Firstly, when the eight-nation expeditionary force invades Beijing, boxers pretends to be ordinary people, resulting in many innocent civilians being killed. Secondly, Boxers acted as a catalyst of the war after boxers are introduced to Beijing. Boxers cut the railway line connecting Beijing and with Tianjin and the coast on June fifth. Afterward, Boxers keep messing around with foreign affairs, such as killed Clemens Von Ketteler and burned legation district affairs. As a result, foreigners in legation called help from their domestic countries, which led to the occurrence of 8-national expeditionary force invasion. Thirdly, China assigned Boxer Protocol on September 7th, 1901, resulted in 450 million taels of silver to be paid over the 40 years as indemnity. The Unequal Treaties were signed as well, which has badly influenced China’s Economy and international state afterward. As said above, boxers are the major reason for all the chaos. Since many innocent people were killed due to what boxers did, they earned a bad reputation. The unequal treaties and the invasion have caused China’s unwellness at that period of time, increasing more poor situations to Chinese people. Therefore, Boxers deserve a bad rap.

To know more about the Boxer Rebellion:


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