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My Trip to Ancient Greece

Paper Quilling

We learned a lot of skill sets in this class. Starting with the basic shapes, we learned how to make a loose coil. Then, we moved on and created marquise, squares, rectangles, teardrops, and all kinds of scrolls. We also learned how to use the paper roller, electric paper roller, and the use of tweezers and glue.



After learning all the basics, we moved onto making small projects, like this daisy:

For my first official project, I got inspired by dancers. So, I decided to google “dancers silhouette” and drew the face and shoulders of the girl first. Then, using a pencil, drew the rest of the dress.

First part:

more progress:


finally, I cut the girl out, while leaving a white outline around her. Then, I stuck her on a black sheet of paper to show contrast


The designs on the dress were completely at random. When starting the project, I wanted to create an ombre effect, but that idea slowly faded as I went along with the designs.

I think this project went pretty well, I am pleased with the result. My idea changed throughout the process, and I didn’t follow the plan exactly.

I think I will plan out my second project a lot clearer than the first. It IS a 3D one, after all.


Final result:


Don’t Label Me


I am a daughter, a student, older sister, a violinist, pianist, and swimmer. I have a Canadian passport, Hong Kong ID card, and Chinese parents. :)) My name is Michelle, not Micheal. Dogs are the supreme animal, cats are not. (Im allergic to cats) And I think horses are unicorns in disguise. I am a cereal before milk person. (and you should be too) I have five wonderful friends, and they make me smile every day. Roller coasters calm me down and make happy, (Im not weird I swear) Food is the love of my life, (I have a soft spot for Sushi)and I cant live without it. Like literally, I cant live without it. Rainy days and the deep ocean are my favorites, and my favorite season is Autumn. Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande are amazing. Good luck with changing my mind about that. 13 Reasons Why, Six of Crows and Harry Potter are some of my favorite books. I am those type of people who try to hide their emotions, and insecurity is my oldest enemy. I love bright colored swimsuits, and energy gel tastes good. Dont label me.


Modern world modern slaves

to read more: Child Labour Feature Article


閫敺隞祇★桐葉怎銝鈭憟賭镼踵1.頞喳蝏靽⊥胯隞祉憯圈喳鈭殷瘥銝芯犖質賢砍啜雿舀撣隞砍臭誑銝鈭鈭1.撠蝏銋渡撟喟銝鈭鈭箸瓷銝箸蝏憿寧桀隞颱憭嚗隞隞砍冽蝏憿寧格港瘝⊥隞颱鈭閬荔隞隞祉游鈭a撟嗅支word獢荔撠霂典蝏銋湔游啣撌乩 2.摰甇霂銝150銝芸霂閬瘙(隞砍芣97甇摮)

Tumbling through the land, air, and water -Michelle-

I decided to join tumbling because it sounded like a nice way tosocialize,learn new things, and have fun. Going to a trampoline park and pool spring board sounded extremely fun! We’ve already had practice tumbling sessions at the gym and pool. Below is a video of our practice tumbling session at the pool.


Gym 3




This morning we went to the trampoline park, and we had plenty of fun! I did a front flip into the foam pit and my friends managed to teach me how to do a cartwheel




This afternoon we learned how to do a front flip off the diving board (I failed in the video) I was too scared to dive at first but after trying it a few times I finally got the hang of it!



Thinglink Project

This is my Early Humans and Us project

Black Cat Cup-Snuggler

We made this Cup Insulator during science class, the materials we used were:


-Black Felt



-Hot glue

-Grey fabric

Q1. What arethe new skills you learned this project?

A1. I learned more/new collaboration skills and being more productive.

Q2. What are you proud of?

A2. I am proud of the fact that the Cup Insulator works well and doesn’t look messy. The insulator has a good appearance and also prevents heat loss. (yay)

Q3. What was the hardest thing about this project?

A3. The hardest thing to do was probably finishing the cup; we ran out of time and had to come

up with a plan on finishing the insulator in time.

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