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The Revolt Against the Goverment

This is the Journey of my Character Miguel in the Cuban Revolution.


After the Revolution, some things have changed, and some had stayed the same. These Events lead to those causes of those changes and some Events kept things that continued. But for sure the Rebels won the Revolution, and they changed the way the government works. Cuba was gradually becoming a Socialist country with new socialist laws being passed on. While the government changed, there was inequality and wealth imbalance among the Cuban people. There were still people who were still poor and they didn’t have a job so they didn’t earn any money. Fidel is aware of these continuities, so he is utilizing the philosophies of Karl Marx so he can fix the Inequality problem.

The Revolt Against the Goverment

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With the racial inequality, wealth imbalance and a Corrupted Goverment, the Cuban people didnt like this at all, not even one bit. They wanted a revolution to take down the Goverment that was controlled by a cruel leader named Fulgencio Batista. But amongst the Cuban People, Fidel Castro was brave enough to start a Revolution, and it is now known as the Cuban Revolution. Today we will explain what happened in the Cuban Revolution in 5 minutes!



Shackles from the Deep


*I forgot to rate the book in the video, i rate the book 4.6/5 stars.


Shackles from the Deep is a non-fiction book my Michael H Cottman. This book is about a horrific past of slavery from the late 17th century and early 18th century days. A group of Africans from Barbados, and Jamaica get captured and they are put in a slave ship called the Henrietta Marie. These Shackles from the Ship were used to handcuff the Slaves in the past. Once the Ship arrives at their destination the Slaves are forced to live life there and start a new job. The Main Theme of this book is Slavery is encouraging black people to give up on their society and the opportunities they had back there, and they should take upon forced labor against their will for the white people. I will recommend reading this book because 1. it can teach you a lot more about what happened in the past in Slavery and more about the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  2. since there is Divers that Dive underwater to explore more about the Henrietta Marie in the Story they are exploring uncovering the truth’s about that time which is also really interesting to read as well.

What I learned about this unit is that is so much easier digging deep and exploring more about history by researching, grabbing central ideas from the text, connecting one idea to another than just reading the book only by its text.




Sewable Circuts Project

I made a sewable e-textile out of felt. I made it like a bookmark, with a LED lilypad light on the felt pieces. I chose the bookmark instead of the pin because I sometimes love reading books at school and at home, so I created a little bookmark for myself. I discarded the other ideas because I thought my idea of a bookmark will be really cool and more simpler. Here are some phots of my project!

The new part was the conductive thread that can conduct and transfer electricity from a battery to an LED. The things that were hard was the sewing part. I overcame them by learning from other people like my teachers or from other students in this class. The tip I would give to next semester students is to always ask questions to gather more information and ideas. I guess I can learn more techniques on sewing in a textile.

The Boxers Act of War


At the time when the Qing Dynasty was about to end, there was a Rebellion in North China. This was the Boxer Rebellion, where the Boxers started an anti-foreign and anti-christian movemnt throughout Northern China. My opinion on the Boxers is that they do deserve a bad Reputation considering what they have done. The Boxers took away the Christian Culture that was brought to China from the Christian Missionaries. The started attacking 2 of the German Christian Missionaries at a curch, which alerted Germany, and it caused Germans to take over Qingdao. They soon went from Shandong to Beijing and started attacking the foreign people, they trapped the British and the French in their own Legation. Therefore, the Boxers deserve a bad Rep, because they acted very violently towards the Foriegners and to the Christians.


Magazine Cover – Sunshine

November 2020 | issue no. 69 by Minh Nguyen

This cover is from a play called Midsummers Night Dream by William Shakespeare. I chose the Character Hermia because her thoughts and actions were really easy to see throughout the poem. (like she made some quotes throughout).

Humanism is Key!

Humanism in the Renaissance by Minh Nguyen

A Careful Wish



I know that when you want to bring something back to you, there will always be consequences to pay. Mr. and Ms. White discovered what the Monkey Paw could do, it could grant any 3 wishes the user desires. First they wished for money, and it worked for them. Then they soon discovered that their son was dead so they tried wishing him back to life, but it went away when at the same time Mr. White wished for the last wish. The big idea is that people can sometimes be greedy about getting something they want but they can’t get everything back.

In the story Monkey Paw, by William W Jacobs, the author believes that underestimating the power of magic can lead to bad consequences. When the visitor came to Mr White’s house to tell about the death. He, Maw and Meggins was already under a spell from the paw. He stated that they would give them 200 pounds, “I have to tell you that Maw and Meggins do not hold themselves responsible for what has happened, but in consideration of your son’s services they wish to give you a certain amount of money as compensation (Jacobs 205). After they made the first wish from the Monkey paw, Herbert was really Greedy about getting the money and in consequence he dies later in the story as to pay for the wish. As the character develops, Mrs White is has regrets of making that wish. She wants to now bring back her son by making the second wish. Ms. White demands for the Monkey Paw to make the wish to bring Herbert back only for herself, her response to Mr Whites statement is, “Do you think I’m frightened of my own son? Wish!” (Jacobs 260). This proves that Ms. White is selfish because she wants her son back after she took the money. Later she broke into misery when her son wasn’t there at the door, and that was her consequence. Overall, If you wish for something not reasonable from a magic item, you will get a consequence later on.

Course Reflection

Course Reflection

My Favorite experience while building the circuit was how to learn how to make a circuit work by making the LED work. It was really fun, like putting the copper tape down, determine where the battery should go. I learned which side of the LED leg was negative and positive.

A challenge that I overcame was placing the copper tape down on the circuit and bending it in a different direction. For example:

  • It would not go all the way and it would easily tear apart
  • The Copper tape didn’t stick well on the paper. It wasn’t secure and that made a problem in the circuit
  • Its hard to keep the copper tape in a straight line because sometimes it would go in a slightly different direction.

How to overcome that is that I can try to try to use enough copper tape and make the circuit smooth.

The aspect I like about the class is how if you’re stuck on something on your circuit you can ask other people to help and they are willing to help a friend

The aspect I don’t like is a lot of people depend on Ms Kim to help out and some don’t get a chance to ask her. There is 1 teacher and 14 students and most of them have trouble with their circuits so they all go to the teacher

Project Reflection

My circuit was basically an e-card based off of a fictional character from a game called Undertale that became a huge meme in 2018. The name of my e-card was Sans the Skeleton. I tried to make the eye glow blue because in the game his eyes do that for a second, but rarely my LED does light up.

One aspect about the design is the idea of it, usually Sans always has a glowing blue eye.

I can improve on the copper tape and the smoothening. If I can smoothen the copper tape in all directions, then the connection might work, and the LED will light up.




A Wish for a Need

This Found Poem i took in this story is called “Thank You Mam” written by Lanston Hughes. The conflict is an Internal Conflict where he has to decide if he wants to steal the purse and get the shoes or letting himself be treated by kindness to the person he tried to steal from, and learn a lesson to not steal or commit crimes. The Protagonist is Roger who takes kindness, and the Antagonist is the other Roger who rejects kindness and steals for his own needs.

Background Picture Source: https://aminoapps.com/c/jjbamino/page/blog/our-perspective-a-smokey-character-study-part-2-spoilers/bNpG_ZrJCou80GdezzjebWqMDoWmWQLxxmE

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