Course Reflection

My Favorite experience while building the circuit was how to learn how to make a circuit work by making the LED work. It was really fun, like putting the copper tape down, determine where the battery should go. I learned which side of the LED leg was negative and positive.

A challenge that I overcame was placing the copper tape down on the circuit and bending it in a different direction. For example:

  • It would not go all the way and it would easily tear apart
  • The Copper tape didn’t stick well on the paper. It wasn’t secure and that made a problem in the circuit
  • Its hard to keep the copper tape in a straight line because sometimes it would go in a slightly different direction.

How to overcome that is that I can try to try to use enough copper tape and make the circuit smooth.

The aspect I like about the class is how if you’re stuck on something on your circuit you can ask other people to help and they are willing to help a friend

The aspect I don’t like is a lot of people depend on Ms Kim to help out and some don’t get a chance to ask her. There is 1 teacher and 14 students and most of them have trouble with their circuits so they all go to the teacher

Project Reflection

My circuit was basically an e-card based off of a fictional character from a game called Undertale that became a huge meme in 2018. The name of my e-card was Sans the Skeleton. I tried to make the eye glow blue because in the game his eyes do that for a second, but rarely my LED does light up.

One aspect about the design is the idea of it, usually Sans always has a glowing blue eye.

I can improve on the copper tape and the smoothening. If I can smoothen the copper tape in all directions, then the connection might work, and the LED will light up.