I know that when you want to bring something back to you, there will always be consequences to pay. Mr. and Ms. White discovered what the Monkey Paw could do, it could grant any 3 wishes the user desires. First they wished for money, and it worked for them. Then they soon discovered that their son was dead so they tried wishing him back to life, but it went away when at the same time Mr. White wished for the last wish. The big idea is that people can sometimes be greedy about getting something they want but they can’t get everything back.

In the story Monkey Paw, by William W Jacobs, the author believes that underestimating the power of magic can lead to bad consequences. When the visitor came to Mr White’s house to tell about the death. He, Maw and Meggins was already under a spell from the paw. He stated that they would give them 200 pounds, “I have to tell you that Maw and Meggins do not hold themselves responsible for what has happened, but in consideration of your son’s services they wish to give you a certain amount of money as compensation (Jacobs 205). After they made the first wish from the Monkey paw, Herbert was really Greedy about getting the money and in consequence he dies later in the story as to pay for the wish. As the character develops, Mrs White is has regrets of making that wish. She wants to now bring back her son by making the second wish. Ms. White demands for the Monkey Paw to make the wish to bring Herbert back only for herself, her response to Mr Whites statement is, “Do you think I’m frightened of my own son? Wish!” (Jacobs 260). This proves that Ms. White is selfish because she wants her son back after she took the money. Later she broke into misery when her son wasn’t there at the door, and that was her consequence. Overall, If you wish for something not reasonable from a magic item, you will get a consequence later on.