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Shackles from the Deep


*I forgot to rate the book in the video, i rate the book 4.6/5 stars.


Shackles from the Deep is a non-fiction book my Michael H Cottman. This book is about a horrific past of slavery from the late 17th century and early 18th century days. A group of Africans from Barbados, and Jamaica get captured and they are put in a slave ship called the Henrietta Marie. These Shackles from the Ship were used to handcuff the Slaves in the past. Once the Ship arrives at their destination the Slaves are forced to live life there and start a new job. The Main Theme of this book is Slavery is encouraging black people to give up on their society and the opportunities they had back there, and they should take upon forced labor against their will for the white people. I will recommend reading this book because 1. it can teach you a lot more about what happened in the past in Slavery and more about the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  2. since there is Divers that Dive underwater to explore more about the Henrietta Marie in the Story they are exploring uncovering the truth’s about that time which is also really interesting to read as well.

What I learned about this unit is that is so much easier digging deep and exploring more about history by researching, grabbing central ideas from the text, connecting one idea to another than just reading the book only by its text.





  1. I like how you explained and introduced the background both clearly and concisely.

  2. Your recap of the story was very detailed and your use of metaphors was creative and interesting, you used your bias to describe the scenery of this story, describing it as dark and morbid. Well done

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