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Layers of the Earth

Here is my scale model of Layers of the Earth.




PE Health Summative Assessment

Option 1 Answers

A) When Im in the green zone, it feels like I am very proud of myself, and I’m greatly influenced by positivity. I can see that I can start a lot of good habits for myself, and it gets me to keep staying in the green zone. I act positive around other people and, I try not to influence them in a negative way.

B) I set a time limit for my use of technology, so I don’t use it too much. When I use it too much, I usually get mad at the people who remind me to stop using it, and that greatly affects my mental health. I try to keep myself to use technology of what I need to do, such as going to online school, and complete my following assignments before the deadline. When I get a little distracted of the things out of school, right away I remember to get back on track and put my distractions away until I complete all my assignments today. Parents, and Teachers help me by reminding me that I have to make a schedule everyday of what I need to do for school. That gets me more on track and more focused, and they support me so that keeps me in the green zone.

C) Sometimes, I get distracted a lot from time to time, and as the day goes by I stress out on what I have not done today or whats on my schedule. It makes me move to the Yellow Zone, and I sometimes get mad in front of my parents, which influences them in a negative way. It’s hard to bounce back on school assignments when I’m on social media or your gaming. Usually I sleep late every school day, and I wake up earlier in the morning and I don’t get enough sleep. Which makes me do school assignments later in the day.

D) I feel like I always can bounce back on my school assignments and return to the green zone, but I keep letting myself get distracted all the time, and later I stress out about the work I haven’t done yet, and I worry about the deadlines. If I’m in the Yellow Zone, its easy for me to move to the Red Zone where I get super mad. I usually stick with myself being in the Yellow Zone for the whole day forward.

E) I usually go to the Red zone to vent, then I go to a room all by myself and I take a break from being around other people. I go on my computer and watch YouTube videos, and play video games for a bit to calm myself down, and think what really made me angry. I then talk to my parents or close friends of what happened with me being very angry, because I really want to share what happened. Then shortly, go back to the green zone.


Something Amazing and Original definitely not MYTHBUSTER BP2 ;)

I will finish the editing part.

I will finish the ending script

I will find music to add to my video.


Its challenging to blend in the music to the video.

Its challenging to use pictures from the internet to insert in iMovie.

I use OBS

I use iMovie

Blog Post 1 – Project Mythbusting

I wonder if this is gonna work out for my video, and what is gonna go out of the video.


I will edit this video a lot to the trendy stuff, so I can engage my audience 🙂

Blog Post 2: Express It Develop And Plan

This is my animation that I am doing (unfinished). The challenges are that there is limited objects to use for the animation, and I have trouble exporting it so I cant add sound effects (for now). The other challenge is I cant add text to Stykz animations. I want to do that so I can make the stick figures talk. I hope I can finish this, and add sound effects and music. I also hope that I can add a better background to the animation as well.

Express It: Define and Inquire

I found out on my research about making stick animations to level up on that skill for Ignite week. I see that I can add sound effects to my animations and music to create the feel of it. I want to really focus on making the story or the purpose of the animations, so I watched a lot of videos made by other guys on the Internet and it really inspired me to make some. Usually, people like to make stick fights and collaborate on each other’s work. Recently I made a stick fight using to characters. I used no background, 3 sprites, and 550 frames. It’s really simple to animate on Stykz. I found out that Stykz was one of the best Flash animating tools to use, and before Adobe Animate came out, a lot of people were using Stykz to animate stick fights and animations. If I want to animate like the pros do, I would use Adobe Animate, I would have to use a tablet to draw each frame smoothly (vector-based). I would also edit the animation by using Adobe After Effects to add lighting and the contrast and use and editing tool like Sony Vegas Pro to add the sound effects and music.


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Driving Question – Project Collision

When I was at home testing, I overcame that I had to find the materials, cut them, and find a box to drop it on. The most difficult challenge was that I had to test the drop in a public building with people around. I just had to ignore them and film the whole drop like normal. Before this project, I used to think that only delivering products are only using trucks, trains, ships, and planes. Now I think that drones are the new technology of dropping packages and landing safely from 10m. For example, we design a variable for our parachute to drop a box from 10m. Looking back on Project Collision I learned on how to overcome my fears and challenges I have never done before, such as when I’m not in school, or I’m not really in touch with my team, and having trouble finding a spot to test on. One area of data that supported my thinking was the velocity, and the average. I used those to support my evidence and reasoning.

Blog Post 5

The coronavirus is still a danger to the world, I can’t go outside much now. That means I have to stay home and test. Our team, the Pangaroos our designing a parachute to deliver our package the portable chargers. My research question is “What material decreases velocity to the maximum when used in a parachute canopy?”


These are the 3 variables that I used to test. My materials are Thin Plastic, Yellow Paper, and a Tablecloth. The paper and the thin plastic did not meet the canopy dimensions, so I cut some parts going beyond the edge of the required dimensions and taped them together. Not only did that construct my paper and plastic material but it also gave those both parachutes more thickness so it can have more air resistance when it falls.




The tables shows that the accuracy had a range from 1.2-4.5m. The criteria has to have no bounces, 1 soft landing, the landing distance has to be at least 2m away from the target, and the velocity speed must be on average of 5.12m/s. All the drops had no bounces so that all met that criteria. At least 4 drops have met the criteria of an accurate landing, and 5 drops did not. When I did my first drops on all the variables, it land 2m closer to the target. The variable that was the most accurate and that has met the criteria for an accurate landing was the Paper material. The criteria for velocity was all met below 5.12m/s. The one with the best velocity was the light plastic with an average of 2.9m/s currently holding the best record of slowest fall in it’s third drop falling 2.4m/s! That’s crazy!

To determine which is the best variable material to test with, let’s start with the velocity. The velocity for the Project has one objective, is to decrease as much as it can to make a slow fall to safely deliver the package. My best bet for that variable will be the light plastic, since it holds a best record for the slowest fall and has the best average of 2.9m/s. How the variable has the slowest velocity fall or the best decrease in velocity is because the material the thin plastic is light and can fall more slowly, it also carries more air resistance as it falls. The lightest material always falls down the last. In fact, gravity pulls down all objects to the same force, but the lightest flat objects are the last to fall because it can create an opposite force called air resistance to decrease the velocity according to Newtons 3rd Law. When it comes to accuracy, paper is the closest to that bullseye! When I tested the parachutes, I did that inside a building, Therefore blocking wind to blow it away from the target. That is kind of what made the parachutes fall a little closer every time. Paper is the most delicate material out of the three, and can easily move around a lot during fall. That can be taken as an advantage to accuracy since it can move closer and closer to the target just before it falls down, and there was no wind to blow it away, Therefore making it the best variable for accuracy.

And now, the conclusion to this Blog Post! I have to choose the best Variable for my Material! Does Accuracy matter, or Velocity? I would say that velocity matters, because as long as the package lands safely and slowly, its fine rather than getting blown away and not accurately landing in the right spot because you can find it easily, and even chase it down while falling, plus it cant be blown that far because the parachute and the package contain some mass so it cant be blown far. Anyways since the Velocity matters, the best variable for that is the light thin plastic. Since the plastic is light, as it drops, it creates more air resistance and less gravitational pulls.

Therefore, I now recommend the Light Thin Plastic to use for material since it can decrease velocity to the maximum!

Blog Post 4

Blog post 4



The coronavirus arc is still happening, people struggling against the virus. I happen to be at home testing my prototype by dropping it with my parachute. My team Pangaroos are designing a parachute with dropping our package “portable chargers”. We will be dropping it from 10 meters, it has to have a soft landing, the velocity has to fall 2m per second, and it has to be at least 50cm away from the target. My research question is “What material can decrease velocity to the maximum?”.


The data collection procedure will be:


  1. Place the item into the package box
  2. Clear the drop zone
  3. Prop up iPad on the floor
  4. Check if the iPad captures the whole drop zone
  5. Press record
  6. Climb the ladder until you reach the highest point
  7. Make sure to check if the package is at the top of the iPad screen
  8. Release the Package
  9. Climb down the ladder (be careful!)
  10. Press stop record button
  11. Measure the distance from the package to the target and record it
  12. Repeat steps 1-11 3 times
  13. Record into Logger Pro

Here is my Data Table

My design build:

Canopy of parachute diameter: 75cm

Cotton string length: 30cm

Package Box dimensions: 20cm (length of box)

15cm width

20cm height

Blog Post 3

This is where I will test my drop. (Location might change)

I might set up a ladder and drop the package from 2m.


  • The ladder is to small for 2m
  • I cant find any light table cloth at my home
  • I don’t have my teammates contacts
  • I dont have an iPad to record
  • The ground floor is made out of granite

The variables and materials will stay the same. My constraints might change since I have to use another material.

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