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Collision – Investigation Article


I am one of the members of Pangaroos. So, you might be wondering about my team name “Pangaroos”. You might think it’s weird, but I will explain how my team got this name. How we got our name “Pangaroos” was one of my team members suggested Penguins, but rarely anyone agreed. So, the teacher came and suggested the name “Pangaroos”, and we suggested that we are going to combine those names to make Pangaroos. The Pangaroos is the team that is dropping packages for our project, and we are right now designing our box to drop the package.
This project is based on drone delivery, but instead of doing drones, we are actually using parachutes to drop our package. Drone delivery works in the following way—the drone has a package inside and a GPS to track the location on where to drop the package. Once it is at the location, it will drop the package 5 meters above the ground using a string to constrain it from hitting the ground. The package is not hitting the ground because criminals might steal it easily. So, when the package arrives, the person will claim the package by telling the drone the receiver that he/she has arrived, and the package will lower down until the person gets it.
The purpose of this project is for us to find a way to deliver a package coming from the air. We will have to design Parachutes and vary them in different ways. We will also design our box for the package. Our team chose portable chargers. Portable chargers are small and can be easy to break, but as long as the portable charger has a stable surface, it won’t break easily. We chose the portable charger because we think that people will need portable chargers to use for their phones to charge when not around an outlet. We also think that is very small, and it can fit into our box. Some of us at first didn’t agree because Portable Chargers are very easy to break, but we just went with it anyways.


Right now, my team is researching on designing our parachute. Each member has to group up with a partner to research one thing about how to design the parachute. My design partner is Anya and we are researching our question: “What material decreases the velocity of a parachute”. The variables are we are going to vary the material of the parachute, and the criteria are what material is light for the parachute to fall and decrease velocity when a parachute is falling. I chose this because I wanted to find the material that best decreases the velocity of the parachute so the package can land more safely. The aim of this study is I have to research to find a material that will make the parachute decrease its velocity, and what is the best material that suits it.

Drop 0
The purpose of Drop 0 is to test out the package without any parachutes or the item in it. But inside the package, we put whiteboard markers which would include the weight of the package so It would fall down. We recorded the number of bounces, and how far the package is dropped from the origin. The package for drop 0 is a prototype for us to test. We did this 5 times consecutively. Here is an image of the data table. This is what our package looks like:

Claim: I claim that each drop obviously had 1 bounce, but each bounce got closer and closer to the target.

Evidence: The first time we dropped the package, it was 0.7 meters off from the origin. Then we dropped it the second time, it was 0.2 meters closer. The third time was unfortunate, as the package got 0.25 meters from the origin. Then the package went closer to 0.4 meters, and then the last drop is where I dropped the package. I was the most accurate out of all of us; mine was 0.3 meters from the origin. That is the closest we have gotten. Our accuracy drop to the origin is increasing by about 0.14 average.

Reasoning: I think our drops got more accurate is because we became more aware of the drops of the package. So, after each drop we as a team coordinated ourselves to the right position so we can drop the package closer to the origin. The third drop, well it kinda bounced farther than the target. I saw it land closer to the origin than we dropped it the second time, but it bounced farther away from the origin to 0.75 meters.

This project’s purpose is while you design the parachute, you at the same time learn about the physics of gravity, mass, and how a parachute works. You also have to find a way to design the parachute-like material it is, the shape of the parachute, and the strings on the parachute. My research question is “What Material Decreases the Velocity of the Parachute”. I’m doing that because I’m going to research the materials on what material would slow down the parachute while falling. Our design criteria have to be 1 soft landing, landing accuracy has to be 2m away from the target, and the velocity must decrease. I will meet one of those goals, the velocity must decrease because I will find the material that will decrease the velocity of the parachute when falling down.

Sci-Fi Blog

After the events of a Tsunami disaster in Detroit, that was only the beginning of the natural disasters spreading everywhere across America. 4 survivors, all minors: Mikey, Sarah, Harvey, and the dog Trenton all make their way from Grand Rapids to Seattle. The time is running our for them. The natural spread of disasters are catching up to them as they make their way to Seattle in their habitat vehicle. Can they make it in time, and all survive in one peace?

Here is my flyover of my teams Habitat Design in Tinker-cad. Some parts of the inner rooms relate to my sci-fi story.

Link to Story: here






Book Review (FA 2019)

Book Review (The one and only Ivan) – Minh Nguyen

Ages: 8-12 yrs old


Readers are going to find this book very interesting, it’s a book unlike every other book you’ve read! This book will touch your feelings, that you will be reading from start to finish


Animal-loving kids — and just about anyone with a heart -will become quite fond of the artistic Ivan and his multi-species friends (including the kid, Julia) – Mary Eisenhart (Common Sense Media)


This book was written by K.A Applegate, Pictures Illustrated by Patricia Castelao.


Plot: When Stella dies, Ivan makes a promise to save her young friend, Ruby, from a life of captivity. It takes some time, but Ivan and Ruby are eventually moved to a zoo. “The One and Only Ivan” is a book of great courage and hope. Ivan lives in a stationary circus with Stella the elephant and Bob, the stray dog.



Characters: Ivan (A gorilla who stayed in the Circus for 27 years aka Main Character)

Stella (Old Elephant who used to perform in circuses)

Bob (A stray dog who lives with Ivan)

Mack (Owner of Circus)

George (Responsible for the Animals)

Julia (George’s daughter who knows the animals well)

Ruby (A baby elephant whom Ivan takes under his wing)


Challenge: Ivan has to save a young elephant named Ruby, from life in the circus. He made a promise to Stella that he will take care of her.


Your favorite part/scene

Mine was when Mack tries to teach the poor elephant Ruby circus tricks. He tries to make her walk on a rope, and through a hoop. Mack treats Ruby very badly, and I was worried of what was gonna happen to Ruby next.

Reflection Society Blog Post.

In Humanities, we did a simulation about Ancient Society. We were in groups, and we worked together on this. What we needed to do to complete the Society was we needed to create laws, create a temple for Architecture, we needed to create our own written language, and Trade with other Societies for our “Top Secret Invention” which my team did not have time to do. I created the laws for our Society, while others did their own part. It took some time, but we managed to complete almost everything.

Early Humans, and us

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