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Design an Instrument (Trumpet) Reflection

Me, and my Trumpet team made these 4 instruments out of garden hoses, and plastic funnels.  The one on the bottom left is mine.  It was making the  instrument,  but the hardest part was playing the instrument.  Why the hardest part was playing the instrument because when I blow into the mouthpiece, I sometimes don’t get the right note. But squeezing the pipe made it alot easier to play the right notes. Overall, it was fun making and decorating my instrument.

Habitat Reflection

Dear Andrew C.

Thank you for working with me on our habitat design. One of the places where this habitat connects to my story is the external parts that relates to my setting. For example, after the first disaster, 4 months later, Mikey has got his driver’s license. Mikey decides to drives the trailer (movable habitat). From his point of view the he observes the external parts of the trailer and drives it for the first time. Thanks for helping me include this space in our project!

As a team, I’ve been impressed with our ability to collaborate and communicate well. For example, when we always shared our ideas, and most of the time did the work of our responsibilities. I feel like we can communicate well with each other, that was very helpful!

When we worked as a team, I wish we could have been better at doing my responsibilities. I think this is important because it will help me work faster, and it will get things done! One thing I can do is ask for more information and help more.


Minh Nguyen

Exit Ticket Reflection


What has the past week of learning been like for you?

It’s been a fun week, since there was only a few days of school last week, I valued every minute of it.

Have you brought your “A-game” or are you struggling to function?

I sometimes brought my “A-game” when it comes to learning in the class. But when I’m in a bad mood before the class begins, I usually don’t get prepared, and I struggle on it.

How are you working with others?

I’m usually collaborative, and I communicate with the partner or person I’m working with. Right now I’m working the Andrew C. on the TinkerCad project together. I am getting along well when working with him.

How do you feel about the topics being discussed this week?

So far, I’m ok on the Humanities topics right now. For Math, I am interested on whats going on right now about the TinkerCad project. Science, I feel like I’m struggling on some parts…

Do you feel like a Writer? A Mathematician? A Reader? A Scientist? What is that feeling like?

Im feeling like a Mathematician. Thats the topics I’m not most struggling on.


1st Pic: My Math work for scale factor got a Meeting.

2nd Pic: My math work for inverse equations got a Meeting

3rd Pic: Me rating myself as a collaborator with a partner on the TinkerCad thing.


I noticed that…

I as a Learner, am improving on Math and Humanities as I try to understand the topics.


I felt that…

I felt that I am improving on Math and Humanities Topics. In fact, I am struggling on Science, but as if this week, I feel that I am improving on Science as well.




Self Reflection Improvement – Minh Nguyen

Claim: Looking over my ratings, my area of strength is I can write a word document in Humanities very well.

Evidence:  For example, Mr Q always gives me some writing tips to help me with my proposal writing, and I did better as I used it in class.

Elaborate: This shows that using more of Mr Q’s tips can help me with my writing in the future


Claim :  Looking over my ratings, one things I need to work on is doing Math problems and solving them.

Evidence: One small thing I can start to Improve is maybe try to look deeper into the problem and deeply understand it.

Elaborate: This is important to me because it can help me for the long term when Math problems occur.




Book Review (FA 2019)

Book Review (The one and only Ivan) – Minh Nguyen

Ages: 8-12 yrs old


Readers are going to find this book very interesting, it’s a book unlike every other book you’ve read! This book will touch your feelings, that you will be reading from start to finish


Animal-loving kids — and just about anyone with a heart -will become quite fond of the artistic Ivan and his multi-species friends (including the kid, Julia) – Mary Eisenhart (Common Sense Media)


This book was written by K.A Applegate, Pictures Illustrated by Patricia Castelao.


Plot: When Stella dies, Ivan makes a promise to save her young friend, Ruby, from a life of captivity. It takes some time, but Ivan and Ruby are eventually moved to a zoo. “The One and Only Ivan” is a book of great courage and hope. Ivan lives in a stationary circus with Stella the elephant and Bob, the stray dog.



Characters: Ivan (A gorilla who stayed in the Circus for 27 years aka Main Character)

Stella (Old Elephant who used to perform in circuses)

Bob (A stray dog who lives with Ivan)

Mack (Owner of Circus)

George (Responsible for the Animals)

Julia (George’s daughter who knows the animals well)

Ruby (A baby elephant whom Ivan takes under his wing)


Challenge: Ivan has to save a young elephant named Ruby, from life in the circus. He made a promise to Stella that he will take care of her.


Your favorite part/scene

Mine was when Mack tries to teach the poor elephant Ruby circus tricks. He tries to make her walk on a rope, and through a hoop. Mack treats Ruby very badly, and I was worried of what was gonna happen to Ruby next.

Spring Trip (May 2019)

Reflection blog about Grade 6 Spring Trip 

Skills Learned:

-How to make fire, and start a campfire

-Knife training

-How to build a shelter

What did I learn from another classmate?

I learned that when you easily know you and you know them well, and you trust each other all the time, then you and your classmate can work together better.

Most challenging part of the trip:

In my opinion, I think making fire was the hardest part of them all. I spent literally minutes of doing it. When I overcame and completed the hardest challenge, I think I learned something that it can help me later…

The best part of the trip:

Eating smores!!!! That was the most awesome moment I’ve had over the trip.

The advice I’d give:

I would give advice is to always don’t hesitate to try new things to help your Tribe.


That’s all folks!



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