Title: the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Author: Mark Haddon

Page: 48

I am still reading the very front part of the book. Though I haven’t read the part Christopher dealing with this incident, I was able to predict what is going to happen.

In the chapters I read, I could see some evidence that Christopher misses his mother a lot though he himself did not know that he does. For example, while he was talking about where his mother has gone, he mentioned that he sometimes looks up to the sky and thinks about his mother still exists as a small molecule and would come down as rain or snow. He unconsciously revealed his sincerity, wanting to believe that she exists somewhere. Furthermore, it was also shown up in chapter 73 that he remembers that his mother said, “You are going to drive me into an early grave.” He did not mention it clearly, but in his tone of speaking, I feel like he feels guilty for his mother’s early death and thinks it is partially his fault. Through the hidden evidence in the story, I was able to predict that during Christopher solving Wellington’s death, he might get his mother’s vacancy off his chest. Specifically, I strongly feel like the author will use rain/snow as an object that symbols Christopher letting his burden go since rain/snow stands for remaining Mother’s trace and it allows readers to feel the visual effect of letting something go.

My objective is to read about half of the book during the weekend. To figure out whether my interpretation is right or wrong, there is no way but to read more chapters.


+) Additional ideas

How is it possible that Christopher was blocked to resume detection by his father but solve the mystery?

He often shows inappropriate behaviors but I don’t see this as a severe stage of autism. If the author is not talking about people with autism still being the same person as others, what is the moral that the author trying to express through the character Christopher?