Title: the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Author: Mark Haddon

Page: Finished

I finished the book with a help of an audiobook. I continuously listen to a soundtrack that reads the book, which helped me a lot in saving time. Since I had enough time, I actually read the book, though.

In my opinion, the moral of the story is “just do it rather than staying still.” In the story, the main character Christopher has autism which is a mental disorder that gives whirlwind changes to a patient’s thought mechanism. Even though he sometimes showed some frustrating behaviors caused by autism, he ultimately succeeded in his goal and got the things that he wanted to have. What he did was brave and courageous.

While I was reading, I could not fully understand why Christopher chose to live with Mother rather than Father. It is certainly frightening for Christopher to know Father’s action of killing Mrs. Shears’ dog because she gave more attention to Wellington than his family. It is reasonable that Father expects Mrs. Shears to help him instead of the divorced wife, but it is not her duty to care about him. The action that he showed was presumptuous and violent. However, except that, Father showed his dedication to Christopher and he did all he could for him. In comparison, Mother cheated on her neighbor, Mr. Shears, and ran away, leaving Christopher and Father. However, after leaving them, she wrote letters continuously to Christopher in order to lessen her guilty and justify what she did to Christopher and Father. Comparing two parents, Father was normally patient and thoughtful but he was too stressed at the time he killed Wellington whereas Mother was usually irresponsible and tries to justify her faults.