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This is our video about the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution. The video talked about the red guards, the impact of Mao, and the Gang of Four. The Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution is to accelerate the industrial development of China advocated by Mao Zedong, the first chairman of China. It started from 1966 after the Great Famine, one of the most severe natural disaster after the establishment of People’s republic of China in 1949. Also, the video discussed about the symbolizations and the obliteration of Gang of Four later by 1976. In conclusion, this video shows a brief understanding from my perspective during the Cultural Revolution.

Fatal Fever – Tracking Down Typhoid Mary

The book Fatal Fever – Tracking Down Typhoid Mary is about a disease called typhoid. Which killed thousands of people in the city Ithanca. The story happened during the 20th century. At the time, Dr. Soper found out that Mary Mallon spread the disease and told her she should be quarantined. However, she deliberately refused to cooperate with him and the government. At last, they tracked her successfully and clean the city. Thus, the book theme is everyone should cooperate during a pandemic in order to fight against the disease or virus. We should read the book because it has a lot of fun facts to know. For example, our world is now fighting against the corona. Another reason is because we know how to fight the disease and learn about the medical care during that time.

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Humanities thinglink and CER

The boxers deserves a bad rap because everything they did almost destroyed the world. For example, St. Michael Church is a french catholic church located in the south east edge of the Beijing legation. Around the 1950s, when the boxers arrived in the city Beijing. They went inside the church and killed everyone inside. They even burned it. Also, both the neighboring post office and French legation was destroyed. After the war, there was only a mess left in the area. Although they were trying to protect their own country, they were then controlled by the European traders and foreigners in the early 1860s. Which shows that the boxers failed to protect their own country and were actually controlled by the foreigners. Thus, the boxers deserves a bad rap.

Humanities magazine cover- Lysander

The title of my magazine is How to be Persuasive like Lysander because he is a very persuasive guy in the play midsummer night dream.He tried to persuade Hermia and marry her.

Humanism Infographic

Humanism Infographic

Humanities CER paragraph summative

Theme CER paragraph
The story The Aged Mother basically talked about the government made unbelievable laws. One of them is old people are separated and abandoned in the deep mountain in the middle of Japan. Which has many potential hazards. One family showed love in the story. The old woman was very concerned about her son’s safety and she showed her love by telling him how she loved her son very much. But to obey the law, the only thing she can do is watching her son waving hand to her and disappear in her eyesight with tears.

In the story The aged Mother, the author believes that love is usually important for family communications. Basho preps the quote “The eyes of the old mother were not so dim but that they noted the reckless hastening from one path to another, and her loving heart grew anxious” (Basho 1). It shows that how sad was the aged mother when she will never see her son again. Further in the story, small worries had become concerns: “‘Let not thine eyes be blinded, my son.’ She said. ‘The mountain road is full of dangers. Look carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down’” (Basho 2) shows that the mother just loved her son very much and she could not go away without crying and sobbing. Thus, the author believes love is always important for family communications.

Fish Cheeks- Conflict

Here is my fish cheek conflict blog post.

The process of my robot

Mumu_PandaRobotFront and side view of my animal in Tinkercad

The code blocks I made

The process of making animal and inputs

Robot petting zoo reflection

a. What are you most proud of?

The thing that I’m most proud of is that we can still do the robot petting zoo even in a situation with limited materials.

b. What is something you would change if you did this again? (besides being at school with all the resources)

I would try to use more wires and machines. I will also try to code more harder things if I can do this again.

c. What have you learned about yourself through this project?

I learned that failures and struggling never matters. Never give up. if you keep working hard, you will accomplish your goal one day.

Comparing the Black Death and SARS 2003



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