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A Bloody Revolution – Andre’s Diary of The French Revolution

I am Andre, McEvoy, the son of Kevin, McEvoy.  I’m 6.2 feet, and just finished college a few months ago. I’ve been trying to find a job everywhere in France. However, for now, I worked on my family farm to survive. As day by day passed by, conditions in France got worse. I used to have those sparkling brown eyes, looking handsome in the sunshine. However, now, I’m left with my tiny eyes, looking huge and pale in the dusty yellow sky.  After the king raised the taxation, I’ve truly had enough. My family had to give away all the crops and now we have nothing to eat! The king and his government are driving me NUTS! And below is my journal of the French Revolution!

After all the turning points, the revolution finally came to an end after Napoleon crowning himself. Although the French revolution changed and improved a lot of things. For example, France’s social and political structure, the education was better, people gained freedom, food prices became lower and lots more! However, what stayed the same after the revolution was the size of France. In addition, some might say that France went back to monarchy again, but a good one.

A Revolution With Blood – The French Revolution

For hundreds of years before the French revolution, France was divided into three Estates, The First Estate (The Clergies) The Second Estate (The Nobles), and The Third Estate (The Peasants), and above all was the king and the queen. The peasants do not have many rights and had to pay all the taxes, while the other estates enjoyed their fancy lives living in palaces. This caused the third estate to think that it was not very fair for them, and eventually, members of the third estate spread revolutionary ideas like reasons and science, which led to a revolution, the French revolution. 

This is the French Revolution in plain English!


Chris: Video Editor, voice recorder and script

Neo: filmer, voice recorder and script

Above is a 5-minute video about the key events and of the French

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The Borden Murders

Murder, Crime, Mystery, Puzzle

The truth, all remains a question

this is the cover of the book

The Borden Murders and the Trial of the Century
The video below contains an introduction of the book, the theme, why you should read this book, and my overall rating of this book out of 5.

Here is the link to my video, its an YouTube link

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The Borden Murders is based on a true crime story which happened during the year 1892. On the morning of Aug. 4, 1892, in Fall River, Massachusetts, someone violently murdered Lizzie Borden’s father, Andrew, and her stepmother, Abby, in their home by striking them in the head with an ax. When the murder happened, only Lizzie and the house maid Maggie was at home. Maggie was cleaning the windows outside the house and Lizzie Borden was said to be out organizing fishing supplies in the family barn when the murder happened. When Lizzie came into the house, she reported the murder. After a few days of discovery, soon the thirty-two-year-old Lizzie was accused and then acquitted of the crime after a 13-day trial, she was claimed guilty of the murder.


The main theme I discovered in this book is: “To base ur judgement on factual evidence, don’t be biased towards others because of their action.”


Two reasons why you should DEFINITELY read this book are:

Firstly, this book is very detailed, the author states out a ton of evidence supporting both sides, whether Lizzie was the murder or not. The author provides a ton of evidence and a cliff hanger, which makes you to think and makes you curious about what the truth is.

Secondly, this book is sooooo interesting🔥 When you’re reading it, it feels like that you’re going through a maze! At first you get more information about why Lizzie deserves to go to jail, but as you read on, you experience more evidence of why Lizzie should be innocent. This book is really amazing, and trust me, you’ll never get bored while reading this book


My Overall Rating of this book


Did the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap? CER


Did the boxers deserve a bad rap? 

This is a very arguable question; however, I think that The Boxers did not deserve a bad rap. 

Evidence 1: The opium war, the opium war hurt China badly! The Chinese were addicted to opium and cannot quit this habit of smoking opiumAround 12 million people were smoking opium at the time. This caused several societies’ loss and most importantly, a ton of economic loss (lost a lot of money).  

Evidence 2: Because the Chinese lost a ton of money in the opium trade, and with the population kept growing, the Chinese were short on crops/food. Apparently the in 60 years, the population grew 30%. However, food production barely increased. So, hunger was very widespread even in the “good years.” 

Evidence 3: Foreign Pressure and Influence, during that time, foreign Christian missioners were constantly trying to sell their country’s goods to Chinese people. Their influence in China becomes stronger and stronger. Increasing their influence over China’s economy. And this made the Chinese scared and soon they will start taking action —> the boxer rebellion. 

Evidence 4: When China spilt lands to the Western powers, China was not happy at all. However, couldn’t take action back. The Chinese were always wanting to get rid of the foreigners living in China, buy they just didn’t quit find the right way. They knew that if they started fighting back, they will end up losing and signing more unequal treaties. The Chinese were all been waiting for a chance, and now. There is the boxer rebellion. 

Evidence 5: The Taipei Rebellion, the Taipei Rebellion was a group of people who were led by Hong Xiuquan to overtake the Qing Dynasty. Because the government have to take money from the citizens in China, the farmers/citizen are on the edge of surviving. So, they are on the mission to end the Qing Dynasty. However, they fail at the end and was killed. Over 20 million people in total were killed and this damaged the Chinese Emperor. 

Lysander blog post


Lysander is a very brave and determined person in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespear. 

Lysander is a very brave person in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is shown in the scene when the love potion is removedLysander bravely discloses to Hermia’s dad (Egeus) and Theseus that that he encouraged her to run away into the forest. This action is very courageous since it infuriates Egeus and this is Lysander’s point. Here, Lysander demonstrates his bravery and determination to stay with Hermia regardless of the outcomes or consequences. 


Lysander is also a very determined person in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He makes a firm decision – loving Hermia and won’t change his plan about the love. He always sticks with his plan, with whoever trying to stop him. He will never be stopped. This is shown when Egues and Theseus rejected Lysander and Hermia’s marriage. (In the first play) Lysander reacts calmly and comes up with other plans to get married. At last, they do get married. 


“The course of true love never run smooth” said by Lysander, meaning people in love often must overcome difficulties in life to be with each other. True love never runs good as expected. In the book, Lysander said this to Hermia right after they got rejected together by Egues and Theseus. He said this to encourage Hermia about their love, so that they don’t give up easily.

This is the link to the poster which I made ft. Lysander

The poster I made about Lysander’s character traits

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