I think my biggest success for this class was making the metal work on my cranky contraption. What i mean by that is i think i did well on measuring and bending the wires to the right shape so they could all work in unison and make the movement replicate waves accurately.

My biggest obstacle was when I had an idea and I tried to follow through with it but it ended up not working so I had to restart with less time.this happened when i had my original idea that was i would use gears to make the pieces in my crank connect but that didn’t work out because the gears would disconnect when i tried to hold them together they would note move at all.

A skill that I developed over this class was I learned the proper stance I need to use a saw when cutting wood. Because i was never used to using this type of saw because out in the woods with my dad when we were cutting vines for water i learned i different way of cutting and i assumed that it was useable for all types of saws.