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Our task for this unit was to write a journal which describes the story of the cuban revolution from the perspective of a person who lived in that time period. I chose a poor cuban farmer named Francesco who faces adversity externally and internally all throughout his journey to get this humble farm back.

Cuban Revolution

Our Cuban Revolution in plain english video is an informational video to help the viewer understand the timeline of event in the cuban revolution up to the cuban missile crisis.  We were assigned the task of making a simple easy to understand and creative video on the Cuban Revolution, and I think the art style we chose helped the simplicity and undersandability of our video. My partner and I  collaborated very well together and we helped balance our weaknesses and strengths. We even worked so well together, we managed to find time outside of school to work together to get the video finished. Enjoy the video!

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European Tour Operators Association CEO pronounces: “It’s a bloodbath in the jungle”

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