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Immigrants are the reason you’re getting paid so much to work at McDonalds

My book was Flesh & Blood So Cheap written by Albert Marrin.
It covers the topic of mass immigration and its difficulties, worker mistreatment, and fire safety back in the 19 and 20th century.
The theme of this book is “The power of change lies in the hands of the people, when the people unite.”
This was supported by events such as The Uprising Of The Twenty Thousand which is heavily discussed in this novel. It is also made clear this is a recurring theme when poor immigrants used their voting power under a democratic republic to help support themselves and future generations.
I believe you should read this book because,
1. it gives a new perspective on factory workers who even today are often looked down upon in our modern society and are seen as people who do not work hard or are uneducated.
2. It also helps us think about they ways we as ordinary people can change the world around us for the better and should be doing more to see the changes we want from our society.
One thing I learned from this novel is the tragedy of how common child labor was in the past especially in rapidly developing countries.
this gave me a better understanding of the past and the hardships many people went through.

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Today we were tasked with the job of creating an entirely new civilization by making a written language, laws, and also a temple. During the activity I was told to design a temple and write the laws. As a group, we divided the work up by putting Lucas and Eric to write laws I was drawing the temple and Isabella and Janelle were making the written language and trading. But Lucas and Eric had a problem with not knowing basic laws so I wrote the basic ones like punishment for murder and such. Our biggest accomplishment was being the first group to create our catapult ergo being the ones who took over. Our weakest point as a group was in the beginning we could not decide on a written language so we were struggling to get along. If I had the chance to do this activity again I would instead of arguing about a language I would let the people who were assigned that job do their job.

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