Castro’s Victory

The Cuban Revolution was always going to happen sooner or later. Around 1952 Cuba was in a very bad state because the country was very divided, they had horrible inequality between the rich and the poor, they had really bad racism, and they had severe poverty. While the rich were living a lavish lifestyle, the poorer classes couldn’t even feed their children. The Americans went to Cuba for its tourist attractions such as gambling (kind of like Vegas today). But the peasants did not like this because most of them didn’t have enough money to survive. Then later Batista came into power everything got worse, he was a cruel dictator that slaughtered anyone who disagreed with his views. The poorer people of the country had enough and decided to revolt, and at the front of the fight was a man by the name of Fidel Castro.



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A History Of Google

My book is called GOOGLE IT (a history of google) by ANNA CROWLEY REDDING.  My book focuses mainly on google but also touches on technology and innovation. Sacrifices are hard but don’t go unnoticed. Something had to give-either school or Google. (pg.40). Google found it’s new home- a three-million-square-foot office complex located sixty-eight acres in mountain view, California. By comparison, the US Capital is a mere 1.5 million square feet. (pg.111) instead of the old garage, they used to have. You should read this book because it gives you a deep dive into Google history and all the work that went into it.  Also, there are a lot of messages you might find helpful in your own life. These are the reasons why I would recommend this book.

Something that I learned in this unit is how to dissect a non-fiction book.

Boxers fend for their lives

Boxers don’t deserve a bad reputation because they were being surrounded. The royal left the Boxers to fend for themselves against the eight-nation army. The eight-nation army killed innocent men thinking they were Boxers.  The Boxers had no way to escape so they had to do their best to protect their city and its citizens from the incoming threat. This is why the boxers don’t deserve a bad reputation.

Humanist? To be or not to be?

The Wisdom Of The Old

The aged mother is a Japanese folktale on the wisdom of the elderly. At the start of the story, the man was going to unwillingly abandon his mother, but his mother still thought of how to get her son safely down the mountain. But the man got moved by his mother’s actions and snuck her back down the mountain. This turns out to be the right thing to do because the mother’s wisdom will save many lives to come. The big idea of the story is that you don’t know what the elderly knows.

In the story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that the old has great wisdom. The aged mother was helping her son find a way back home “…She quietly dropped a handful every few steps…” (Basho 1). This shows that the mother is thinking about ways to get her son back safely and she did. Further along in the story, the governor asked for a cloak of ashes, but no one had the wisdom to think of away. The aged mother was the only one that managed to think of a way to make a cloak out of ashes. The man’s aged mother tells him to: “Make rope of twisted straw, then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night.” (Basho 2). The man then takes the wisdom that he has gained to use. The governor is shocked and praised the man, but the man didn’t want to hide his mother’s wisdom any longer and told their story. The governor was surprised at this fact at first then quickly decided to lift the rule of abandoning the old because he realized the wisdom they have.

Might there be someone in your life that might have great wisdom without you knowing?

Cheeky Conflict

I found my poem on the first-page bottom half paragraphs 3, 4, and 5 of the short story Fish Cheek by Amy Tan. This part shows the external conflict between the protagonist (the author) and the antagonists (the relatives). The conflict is Person Vs. Person and Person Vs. Society. They are embarrassed by their relatives for acting the way they do in front of their crush Robert and Robert’s family. In this part of the story, she comes across like they were ashamed of their culture and who they are. In the conclusion of this story, they do realize that they were wrong for having these thoughts but that was only after they grew up.

Food Machine Design Reflection

My biggest obstacle was…  Trying to find a way to make a round shape for the prototype but then I remembered that there was a thing called paper-mache but the balloon I found was a water balloon so it took me a long time to blow up because there was this annoying plastic thingy at the end.

One thing I’d like to change is… I would like to have added an extra layer on top to hide the mechanics but I didn’t know how to make a bigger dome shape. I also added a time option of 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes in between each spray, a day after submitting the product. (This way you can judge depending on the object so you don’t waste water.)

This product addresses the needs of my client by… The need of my partner was to keep her peaches fresher for longer and I remembered how in supermarkets they have a machine that sprays mist on to the fresh produce to stop them from rotting. So I change that idea to make it smaller and accessible from home.

The impact of this product will be… The positive impact this product will have is an easier way to keep fresh produce from expiring early or rotting. On the other hand, some negative impacts might be that this product needs a lot of water and it might be wasting water. 

Humanities Assessment Reflection

Banning single-use plastic is an effective way to save our ocean. By banning single-use plastics, there will be less plastic entering the ocean, it will also help people to start using biodegradable products more, but some might argue that banning single-use plastic doesn’t help because there are still microplastics floating around.

Single-use plastics should be banned because there will be less plastic entering the ocean. The Earthday Network states that around 1,000,000 plastic bottles are being bought per minute worldwide. Only 1out of 5 bottles are ending up in landfills waiting to biodegrade or ending up in our oceans. With this amount of waste so the ocean will be filled with trash. Adding on, about 8,000,000tons of plastic enter the ocean annually according to The Earthday Network, littering and not recycling aren’t the only way plastic enters the ocean. Sloactive states that 1.15 to 2.41 tonnes of plastic enter the ocean via rivers. If single-use plastics are banned there will be a significant decrease in the amount of waste entering the ocean. If there are 8,000,000 pieces of plastic entering the ocean and single-use takes up a whopping 1/3 of that number, then this will impact the ocean massively. When there is less plastic entering it will be easier to clean up the mess that’s already there. This is why banning single-use plastics can decrease the amount of waste entering the ocean.

Single-use plastic should be banned because if so people will start to use biodegradable products more. Plastic can take up to 450 to 1000 years to biodegrade. That means that the first plastics ever created are still on this earth waiting to biodegrade. To prevent any further damage Canada is trying to ban single-use plastics in its country by 2021 states The Conversation. For example, some popular fast-food restaurants in Vancouver, such as A&W and Subway have switched from plastic straws and wax paper to paper straws and compostable rappers. Not only does plastic take along time to biodegrade it also uses up to 1.5 million barrels of oil to make every year. Cotton bags may use more oil and water but it lasts for a longer period and is biodegradable. Paper straws only take a few hours to biodegrade whilst plastic can take hundreds upon hundreds of years. Banning single-use plastic can help people to start using biodegradable products more often.

Opponents may argue that even when the ocean is clean there will still be microplastics contaminating our clothes, ocean, drinking water, and even farm soil. If this goes on there won’t be anything not containing plastic in it. This may be true but microplastics have been around for years, in our water, fish, and ocean. Microplastics aren’t as big as single-use plastic this means that fish are less easy to starve to death when eating it because it does not take up much space. Microplastics have been in some tap water and drinking water but their impact isn’t as big on humans. Banning single-use plastic well also create fewer microplastics that may one day be deadly.

This shows that banning single use-plastic can impact our ocean positively. By banning single use-plastic there will be a significant decrease in the amount of plastic entering the ocean It can also help by making people see the importance of biodegradable products. Last but not least it helps show how this can also slow down microplastics.

Drama Elective Reflection

  1. How did I plan and prepare for this performance? I plan for my performance by practicing every day out loud to myself. I find that when you read your monologues out loud you can memorize it faster.


  1. What am I proud of? I’m proud that I memorized and performed my first ever Shakespeare piece.


  1. What can I do to still improve? I can still improve on more changes in my voice and vocal techniques during the performances.



  1. What’s my favourite thing about this unit? My favourite thing about this unit is the fact that we got to explore the characters in our monologues. I got the feeling like I was actually Saturninus trying to convince Romains to vote for me.


  1. Why study and perform Shakespeare? Studying Shakespeare can teach us how most of the English dictionary came from and also learn about one of the greatest play rights. Performing Shakespeare you get to experience being one of Shakespeare’s creations.

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