Choose Your Own Drama Adventure

I chose to choreograph a dance to the song Unstoppable by Sia. The task was to create a dance that is inspired by what’s happening to the world or myself right now. I decided to pick the song Unstoppable because why focus on all the negativity going on right now when you can get the inspiration from everything going on in the world and make it positive? We are all going to get through tough times, especially times like this together and we will be unstoppable. You can also take the word unstoppable in a different direction… Some people may think that the coronavirus is unstoppable and that everything is super complicated and challenging right now. It may seem like this at times and it is completely understandable why things seem like this right now. You can interpret the theme in different ways, and it is completely up to you, although I thought of it as we are unstoppable, and we’ll overcome this together.

I am pretty happy with the outcome of my dance, but there are definitely changes that I would make.

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