"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart"-Helen Keller

The Long Fight for Freedom; The American Revolution


This video is about the American Revolution, this video is made by Chelsea, Sayi, Annie Q, and I. Our video is about how America got free from Brittan and separated. It was a long revolution starting in 1763-1783. A lot happened during this time such as the Boston tea party, the Olive Branch Petition, etc. I learned that it’s not easy to get peace and separate from something, even though you have both agreed on separating it takes a lot of time.  A common thread I’ve noticed in revolutions is that it costs a lot of money, and you lose a lot of money.

Men and Woman weren’t treated the same

This is a video about my book, I give a brief intro on the book and explain the theme.

“Ten Days a Madwoman” is a book by Deborah Noyes, in the book it talks about how Neily wants a job but since she is a girl she can’t get a good job, so most of the time she uses a pen name. Lots of stuff happened in the book, for example, she was called smart so she then had to go to an insane asylum. In this book, women aren’t treated the same as men for example, on pages 4&5 she had to use a pen name so everyone would read her newspaper. And on pages 28&29 she was being put in an insane asylum because she was “smart”. I recommend this book because it has the actual journal in the book, and it has a lot of interesting facts. In this unit, I learned a lot about segregation in the US back in the old days.


The Boxer Rebellion

The boxers deserve a bad rap because the boxers were very violent people and were very determined to kill the foreigners and get rid of all the religious people. For example the boxers attacked the French and bombed the walls, so they all went to then British Embassy. In the end this shows that they took this in a very violent way and that was not the best way to take it because they could have been not violent at all.


Vouge Magazine

In the play “A Midsummers Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, Theseus is a leader and is marring Hippolyta and he is very strict. Theseus is impatient but kind and caring at the same time, but other people think he’s powerful. Theseus is impatient because he wanted to rush the wedding. For example, he said in lines 1-6 “Now, fair Hippolyta, our nuptial hour Draws on apace. Four happy days bring in Another moon. But oh, methinks how slow This old moon wanes! She lingers my desires, Like to a stepdame or a dowager Long withering out a young man’s revenue.” Theseus is talking about how he’s getting married on the day of the new moon, but the old moon is taking too long to fade. Theseus is kind and caring because he is trying to warn and tell Hermia that she needs to be careful of her dad, in line 55 he said: “But in this kind, wanting your father’s voice, the other must be held the worthier” which shows that he was looking out for her by suggesting she listen to what her father says. On the other hand, Egeus thinks Theseus is very powerful. In line 127 Egeus said “with duty and desire we follow you” and that shows he wants to follow Theseus’ orders because he thinks of him as a powerful leader. In the end, Theseus is impatient but caring and other people think he holds a lot of power.


How Humanist am I?

infographic= humanism

More about Humanism = here

Drama Task

The Old Wise People

The governor decided that since old people have failing health and strength, all old people should immediately be put to death. In this story a son has to take his mom up a mountain and leave her there to starve when they are on their way up, she leaves sticks on the trail so that the son can find his way back down and not get lost. This other son was hiding his mom because he didn’t want her to leave but then the governor said they needed to turn in a rope of ashes, so they made a plan to “twist straw…stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night”. Later on, he told the governor about how he turned in a fake rope of ashes and he thought that was very smart so he changed the law back so they won’t have to kill an old person again. 

According to Matsuo Basho in the story “The Aged Mother” Love usually compels mothers to put the needs of their children before their own. An example of this would be when the mother said: “let not thine eyes be blind, my son…the mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the pile of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down” (Basho 2). The mother’s words show that she cared about her son and wanted him to go back safe and not die by taking the wrong turn. As the story continues the governor says that “with the crown of snow, there comes wisdom!” (Basho 2) because he believed that all old people should be killed and their children needed to take them up a mountain and let them starve, but after he found out that a son was hiding his mother because they loved each other a lot and that they worked together to make it look like he killed her he decided to change the law. 

Reagans amazing poem


The found poem above was taken from “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan. It shows the external conflict between Amy’s religion and Amy in witch when her crush came over she got embarrassed over her family’s tradition. In the 2 paragraph, the conflict is seen when “I found out my parents had invited the Minister’s family over for Christmas eve dinner, I cried”. The conflict can also be seen when Amy said “dinner through deeper into despair”





Design Summative

My biggest success was

i only did this in one day and i was confused at first because i had nothing to work with so i went to 7-11 and found some stuff.

My biggest obstacle was

not having materials to work with because i’m in Thailand

The impact of this product will be

no insects will get into the food and the straw is so they and put non toxic pests to help keep the bug away if they get in

Skills that I learned or developed were

i learned that you can make anything out of very few items and still have it looking decent.


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