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The American Revolutionary War Journal

This unit we were split up to different classes, as well as unfamiliar faces. I chose the American Revolutionary War. Before writing this journal we learned the main events that occur. Using 3 out of all the events we wrote a journal. Since this is our 3rd time writing our journal, we had much more experience.

The 57 Bus; A True Story of Two Teenagers

Dashka Slater, will be guiding you into the true story of a crime on the 57 bus. This book will explain in details of gender inequality, racism, protesting, and the laws. The theme of this book is, peoples life can change in a matter of time. A non-confirming gender or agender teenager called Sasha, meaning they are not female or male which is why we use the pronouns of they, them, or their. Sasha was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when she was just 7 years old. Asperger syndrome is a type of autism when they discover something, they like they will be studying it, wearing it, etc. Sasha always struggled with people calling them a ‘he’ even after identifying as agender for over a year. Then another teenage boy named Richard who set Sasha’s skirt on fire. Richard was a typical teenage boy who liked joking around, but on November 4th, 2013 everything changed for both characters, their friends, family, and the world.


Sasha did everything they could for people to use the proper pronouns so that people can respect others. People around her were basically all implicit bias. They only knew male or female. While Sasha’s dad Karl who is actually a transgender think that it was brilliant that Sasha is so strict about pronouns was because he thought Sasha will have a voice. Since they were always shy. On the other hand, Debbie their mom struggled a bit since she only looked on the bad side of what might happen in public.


Which connects to the Monday of November 4th, 2013. Sasha always went on the 57 bus to go home after school, but that they she wore a skirt and fell straight asleep. “Think about it, they woke up and they were on fire,” Healy said in page 173 Slater.  Richard was arrested, charged, and convicted of the crime. Today he is already out of jail since he was released out of Alameda County juvenile Hall, right before his 21st birthday.


Finally, as some of our parents may say… good things happen after the bad. So Sasha went to MIT and the world started being more their way. Nepal, Australia, Denmark, Germany, etc started giving more choices to those non-confirming genders.


In my opinion, I would definitely recommend to those who like to learn about society or even if you just like reading nonfiction/realist nonfiction. From my point of view I find this story even more fascinating because the author took more than a year to write this true story. By using news, her team to research, Bill Du Bois (lawyer for Richard in the courts), staff and students at Maybeck high school, The New York Times Magazine (the pictures from my video were also from them), and LOTS. I rate this book a 4 out of 5 because some parts were quite challenging when it was talking about the laws.


In this unit I learned to think ‘do i need to reread this part?’ As well as taking notes in different ways, looking at the different perspectives, and to look at the issues of the book.


Boxer Rebellion


Do The Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

(Based on the Boxer Rebellion field trip)

The Boxers deserve a bad rap because they were extremely violent, and destroyed religious beliefs, and much more. The Boxers killed about 100,000 people who were mostly civilians. There were up to 250 Foreign nationals killed. Even Christian missionaries were killed. They destroyed churches, railroad stations and other properties. I believe they are very ridiculous because they think Kungfu will protect them from everything… even swords! All the people could only see them as brutal and scary. Killing people in war is typical but I think the Boxers could’ve done something better than just killing. For example, tricking the other countries so they would be tricked or be scared somehow. Some might think but it was over 100years ago! Yes, it was a long time ago, but multiple brains are better than one…so how couldn’t think of anything better?!


Midsummer Night’s Dream Magazine

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Humanism Infographic

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Drama Assessment

For this assessment, I chose 7 exercises to do in the video.  When I was filming this video I was in a hotel for 7days but now I am in a apartment doing the other 7 days. For some fo the exercises I wasn’t able to get the sounds to stop so I asked my mom to clap fortunately freeze and 3 levels of drama.


The Aged Mother Essay



The Aged Mother

By Matsuo Basho


Around Edo Era in Nagano, Japan; the oldest son were told from the Samurai lord to leave their mom at the Obastuyama. This is because the aged mother will die someday so instead of taking the youths food, they are left to die in hunger at the mountain. But there was one son who didn’t let the law affect their strong mother and son love.Every family’s worst day comes when their mother is over 60 years old. The fair well, the painful shoulders from caring their mom up the mountain, it’s all sad none of it is happy. There was one family who had broken hearts but managed to help others.

As they finished their fair well his mother told him what she has been doing ; ‘“Let no thine eyes be blinde, my son…the mountain road is full of dangers! LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs,’” (Basho 2). His mother cared so much about him even if she’s going to die. This shows how caring and a great mom she is.The son had wide open eyes that she did such thing.

Through all the crying and two broken hearts he knew in his guts that there is no way he is letting go of his mother; “‘ I will not leave you. Together we will follow the paths of twigs, and together we will die!’” (Basho 2). He then went to find a hidden spot from view to hide his mother. There was a kitchen that was covered and he did everything to supply her whatever she needed. Suddenly the governor sent forth heralds bearing an unreasonable order. This leaded him being nervous again. He told mother and they came up with a plan to hide his mother. There was no way she is going to be found. If she does there could be loads of consequences to the son. At the end his mother was found but it changed to amazing news. The law was abolished!

Found Poem ; The Last Kiss

This is a found poem from a story called “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher. For this task I used procreate which is an art app that I use a lot.

The artwork represents the story especially the red lip mark. I did a black background with white words because I think this story was two different types of moods. In the beginning she was all happy and saying how much she loves her parents. Also she talked about getting goodnight kisses everyday was very special and that it means a lot. But in the climax she gets all confused on why her dad won’t kiss her anymore. That’s till she realizes at the end that she’s too old for getting good night kisses. The last sentence of the poem is really sad because she doesn’t want to loose her mom’s kisses as well. The white was handwritten with a Apple Pencil with a calligraphy font. I chose to do those specific font because it stands out a lot. As well as it makes the found poem stand out more. I decided to add red parts onto the tittle because it makes the words pop out more than just a plain white. The dark blue z’s represents the night time. Since the whole story is about goodnight kisses.

I believe this story’s conflict is an external  because the  narrator doesn’t struggle with a  decision.  To be specific it’s an man vs society because one day we will all get older and especially when we become teenagers we start to want to be away from our parents. As well as not wanting kisses and hugs in front of people because we think it’s embarrassing. To add on I think her dad didn’t kiss her anymore, was for his daughter’s own good. He knew by himself that she is growing up and that she’ll  have to know that goodnight kisses will have to end. “The truth finally sunk in. I was too old to be kissed by my father.” The narrator didn’t want to know that this is real but she knew that she had lost a goodnight kiss from her dad forever. After she found out about her dad she said “I might one day loose her kisses as well.” The “her” represents her mom. Now she only has one goodnight kisses from her mom, as well as a big hug that she doesn’t want to loose either.

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