English 9 Goals

Strengths and Weaknesses :

  • My strengths are that I am a good listener and I am very observant. I can catch small details and connect the dots between two things very quickly.
  • My weaknesses are that my vocabulary could be stronger and that I am not too strong at analyzing texts.

Some goals I  want to achieve :

  • I want to  increase my reading time everyday to 20 minutes so I can improve my vocabulary and how I analyze texts.
  • I want read or watch more news related articles/shows. I believe that if I read more news articles, I will have a better sense on what is going on around the world and might be able to incorporate it in my essays or discussions.

Resources that are available to me :

I have many books at home that I could easily pick up and read to help me achieve my goals. I could also visit the school library to pick up some books.

Potential Obstacles : 

Some obstacles that I could potentially face is not having enough time to spend time on reading books because of other subjects. To solve this, I could make a schedule to plan out when I can read books so I have enough time to focus on my other subjects as well as english