Qualities of an effective ensemble member – Process Journal

  1. Risk Taker ( willing to be open-minded to new things/ideas )
  2. Positive and Energetic ( have a good attitude towards everything )
  3. Aware and in Control ( observe how your actions impact other people )
  4. Focused ( concentrate on what you are doing )
  5. Active Listener ( find out how you can cooperate with other people’s ideas into you )
  6. Cooperative and Collaborative ( work alongside your peers )
  7. Efficient ( use your time wisely )
  8. Leaders and Followers ( know when it is your turn to step up or step back )
  9. Positively Critical & able to act on that criticism ( constructive criticism/positive feedback )


What I think I need to work on:

I think that I need to work on quality 8. I tend to be a follower more than a leader. Whenever I am doing group work, I usually wait for someone else to initiate the conversation and tell the rest of us their ideas first instead of me talking first. Even if I do have some ideas, I normally stay quiet until I feel like I should say them out loud. I now realize how that can impact my learning and my peers’ learning as well. This is something I really want to work on because I feel that it is important for me to get rid of this habit of mine. From now on, my goal is to step up whenever I have the chance to and always voice out my ideas.


What I think I am good at:

I think I am good at quality 2. I always look towards theatre lesson because I just love how everyone is very energetic and enthusiastic. In my opinion, I feel to be successful in theatre and to be a good actor you have to be energetic and positive. Compared to English or Maths, if you are quiet it does not really affect your work. To me theatre is only fun and interesting if I stay energetic thus, I always am enthusiastic and positive during theatre classes.

My earliest theatre memory – Process Journal

The first theatre performance I ever did was when I was in elementary school. It was just a short musical which involved many animals. I loved that we had to memorize a few lines because i thought it was very fun and I remember that I felt really old. 🙂 I was a monkey so I had to wear this monkey onesie. I remember it to be insanely itchy and tight. I hated it so much that I did not even say my lines and just stood frozen on the stage! I didn’t say anything or move at all. I don’t remember anything else other than that but after this happened, I learnt that if it is not a big issue, I still have to remain in my character and continue acting. I would say it was a funny memory!