My Monologue – Stanislavsky style

  1. SUMMARIZE: When I first read my monologue, I knew my character was an egotistical girl, but before I finalized a character, I reread it several times. After some imagination, I came up with the idea that the girl wanted to ask her Theatre teacher to give her some more roles/auditions to get more experience. I pretended to be a shy girl to ask her teacher; another time, I pretended to be a girl asking just because she was forced to. The last time I pretended to be an egotistical, proud girl (like my original idea). I felt like the lines suited the egotistical girl better after choosing my character’s personality. After answering Stanislavski’s questions, I realized I built my character with more details, which helped me act it out better. For example, when I responded to the question “Where is your character” it made me less awkward while performing on stage because I knew where I was and who I was talking to.
  2. EVALUATE: After watching my video, I was glad that I got my point across to the audience; I was a self-centred character. I could tell by the way I carried myself and the way I talked. I was talking very loud, which made me watching feel inferior! Something I could work on would be taking more pauses and beats. I felt like I rushed through my monologue while watching.
  3. CONNECT: This technique has been very effective and helpful to me during this journey because it helped me think about my character deeper. Thinking about my character deeper enabled me to act more realistically. From now on, I will always use the Stanislavski method to help me get to know my characters better.
  4. SYNTHESIZE: I used to think that acting was just to say your lines in realistic ways but I never thought of HOW to make it realistic. Now I know that we have to think deeply about our character, background, age and personality to make our acting realistic.

Rhea’s Performance¬†