The Date — Rehearsal #1 (Dec 3rd 2021)

  • what did you accomplish today? did you get through everything on the agenda? what did you not get to finish and why?

We were able to thoroughly discuss our 9 questions. This enabled us to get a better idea of what all of us thought of about this scene. We also read through the script once only but we were able to add a bit more emotion to our actions as we understood our character better.

  • what is your plan for each ensemble member between today and the next rehearsal? what should everyone be doing to prepare for the next rehearsal?

We planned to somehwat memorise our lines for the first few pages so we have more time later on to create and polish our blocking ideas. We also planned to divide the scirpt into 5 sections in the next rehearsal so we can be a bit more organised.

  • what is YOUR OWN personal plan to prepare for next rehearsal

I plan to read the script several times and memorise my lines in the first few pages so I can be prepared for the next rehearsal. I will read the script several times to see which way of reading my lines sound better as well.