Month: September 2018

Trip Moment- The Cave

The steep trail was littered with stone and ruble. Rock formations
shot out like geysers of water, spires of rock like strong arms holding the ceiling in place. Tendrils of shadow enveloped the ceiling with stalactites drooping down towards us. Vines latched to the walls. The cave was barely illuminated. The cave door was like a black hole, where
our light was being suctioned into the void . This labyrinth of arches spread like veins, pumping gloominess into the room.

Artificial dragons stood motionless in their place. Even in such sinister environments, I could find happiness, strangely. It was a new cool surrounding, fit for my taste. It felt as if all my needs bent towards me. When I was hot, the cave got cold. When I needed a photo, the cave darkened for a good shot, narrowing light on what I wanted. Thoughts clouded my head. Why is this built, What is the purpose, What do people do here. I like thinking, and my needs were resolved. I loved this . I could feel me climbing into heavenly light, crawling into happiness. Literally.

I Am From Poem By Ryan

This is my I am from poem that connects to my life

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