These are my plans to eliminate a users phone addiction.

I took on a more cruel and forceful method of making a user more social.  First of all, there is a AI (Jesse) that monitors the users daily time in contact with others. There is a machine attached to the back of the phone that monitors the persons active time with the community, friends, etc. This tracker is a Rubik cube with entity sensors attached to it so it can monitor the amount of time the user has been with people and interacted with them.

The Rubik cube is always imputing data into a USB, so when the phone is plugged into the AI charger, the AI will foresee if this person has been being social enough, and also extracting info from conversations the Rubik cube overheard. The AI will then ask a series of questions about his friends, family, and community. If he answers correctly, his phone will be unlocked, and the cycle continues. If not, the phone will still unlock, but cannons attached to the phone will release negative charge and disable the phone every few hours, rendering the phone useless for the day, meanwhile, the phone plays a screensaver reminding the user to be social. This is a blue pill red pill sort of option.  And if the user tries to destroy either of the machines, they will instantly kill the phone.