This is my prison, its cell holds a dangerous criminal, my phone. My greatest success was that my case was neat and simple, and included all the main phone access points. I could press the home button, charge the phone, look at the screen through a plastic sheet (Somewhat blurry), the audio plug is also exposed, and the magnets are tucked and not sticking out. If I ever did this again, I would replace the plastic sheet with a much clearer material, such as a thin piece of acrylic, or plastic folder parts. I would also make the box slimmer and perfectly fits the phone. The impact this product will leave is that I no longer need to go into such a fuss just getting my phone when I would regularly just stash it in my bag and would require a whole process of taking a bag out of the locker, trying to find my phone, and shoving the bag back into the locker, where, as I have this now, the process is easy and I can just pluck it out of a case with ease.