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My biggest success in this project was that my door functions and looks amazing, dotted with stars and constellations, and the fact that it fits like a glove. However, during the placement, it ripped in the process. One concern that was shared with me was that the constellations were not obvious enough, in addition to the multiple rips across the door. Although the photos cannot capture the constellations, the door itself is very close to what our intentions were, and how we saw the full product. Overall, I think the product was successful because the door looks amazing, and the owner enjoys it, and the door fits and serves its purpose. 2825_0012826_001


When I started this unit, I was completely unfamiliar with building apps in general. Now I can understand how lists function and I have basic knowledge on how blocks work. I used to think lists and clocks are complex and seemingly impossible. Now it seems like a simple task.

Christian has just begun the Spider-Man Comics because he was sick of the movies. I know that I have already completed the series.  He says that he should monitor his progress while reading the series because he wants to complete it and the other series as well. I then designed this app that keeps track of which books he reads and a deadline clock. Christian also has the problem to forget about which marvel comics go in which order, because there is such a huge abundance of them, and he wants to enjoy all of them in order, not missing a scene or detail. But, he just can’t manage to do so. He also cannot keep track of the books he covered and overreads. He needs a much more organized approach.

This is the design choice I went with because it was a simple but effective design that resembles a checkbook or checklist with a much more modern take. This design is also fitting because of all the selections that the user can choose from. However, it has a design flaw which is that the checkbook button is at the very bottom of the list. I also accidentally used the wrong button element, so the list did not function until I found out.

The quality of the app would fit Christians requirements, but I feel like it could be improved. The list functions, the app and timer work, but I did not add the rewind mode and Users Guide.  So I would rank my app as a 3/5.

My app is good because of the information and uses it conveys. it includes a library location, author, book summary, a timer, and a list. The weakness if the inconvenience of it, the limited use of it, and it only mentions the first 10 books. App Proposal DocumentComponent List                                                   IMG_9007 new




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Obesity has become a leading problem in the world and has become a global epidemic. The government has come to realize that their people are in danger but has not taken action when it’s their responsibility to take care of their people. In addition to the people suffering, the government is as well. Obesity is draining taxpayer dollars, that is supplied to hospitals. But worst of all, is that the government has the power to help eradicate obesity, and it is a simple task that can also benefit them. The government should take responsibility for obesity because it’s their job to keep the people well and alive, it’s draining taxpayer dollars, and it can also because the problem is solvable, and is easy.

The government should take responsibility for the problem because it is their job to keep its people alive. People put their faith in the government, so the government should keep the land alive and serve the community. Obesity is when an individual’s body mass index is higher than 30. According to the CDC, obesity can increase your chances of getting a variety of diseases including cancer, metabolic syndrome, and Arthritis. Metabolic Syndrome can lead to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, and as a whole, it would result in a very painful life, or ultimately, death. It’s a struggle to recover and would require diets and exercise, or in a worst-case scenario, surgery. As a result of the new increase in obese populations, there is more death. The US is a great example of the new obesity problem.  The east side of the US has obesity rates of 35% or over, and the west side has rates of 25-30% according to the WHO. This means that the obese are now taking up the majority of the community, meaning most of the community is more likely going to pass away. This means more are going to be unemployed. Up to 22.8%, obese were jobless for 2 weeks according to HealthCentral,  and 32.7% are jobless for 52 weeks or over. This would slow the economy and improvements in a country would be stalled. however, it’s not the obese individual’s fault, because the government has already given up on them. According to CON, bariatric surgery is only available to 1 out of 183 people that are qualified in Canada, thus there are 7 million obese in Canada. This means the government should be more responsible for their actions because if they don’t act now, the government will be faced with a huge abundance of obese in the country, meaning more death, meaning a lower population, meaning fewer people working, meaning a slower economy, and thus becoming a very slow-growing state, or perhaps, a continent.

The government should take control of obesity, because not only are the people suffering, the government is as well, as the obese are draining taxpayer dollars, that should have been used to upgrade the country. Tax is a percentage of one’s income and is distributed among the community. It’s used for increasing state revenue and is also provided to the police, the hospitals, and projects. But with the increase in obesity, more obese people are becoming sick and in need of treatment, and are ending up in hospitals, which in turn would remove more tax, and slow the economy even more. According to the CDC, annual healthcare costs of obesity-related disabilities in the US are $44 billion and in 2008, it rocketed to $147 billion, each obese person taking up from around $72 to $183. All this money would have been used to build roads and public buildings but was then used to cure the ever-rising population of obese people. Though, the obese don’t really need the government’s help, because there are several instances of communities. The WGU has reported that nurses are acting as counselors to the obese, educating them on how to escape obesity. The CDC has also reported schools setting up salad bars and direct water accessibility. The government has no need to interfere because the obese can take care of themselves. However, obese individuals will most likely stay obese, caused by genetics passed on to them from past generations. The gene is known as SLr22 and is letting obesity thrive nonetheless. The government should take control of obesity because it is drinking away taxpayer dollars.

The government should take control of obesity because the government has the power to, and is a relatively simple task, which could benefit them as well.  According to the  CDC, countries in the US have become aware of the obesity outbreak, and are working to counter it. Washington, Seattle, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Cook Country, and Berkeley are all combating obesity by taxing sugary drinks. In Cook Country, the tax on sodas is a penny per ounce. Serving machines are taxed on how many drinks they serve. In addition, Philadelphia has made $6.5 million from tax beginning from January to July. This means that the country will actually earn money in the process of battling obesity. The money could, in turn, be used to cure more obese, and eventually strengthen the country. In Berkeley, there was a 2/3 increase in drinking water after the tax. This means that the strategy works, and will cut down obesity, or at the very least, discourage it. The government should take control of obesity because it’s simple, it benefits and strengthens the country.

Obesity has been slowing over the years. four states in the US have had a 38% decrease in obese populations. Obesity is slowly coming to a halt, and eventually should be gone for the most part. New countries also have obesity problems, including china and South America. Therefore, the government should take control of obesity because it’s their job to keep the people alive, it’s been draining taxpayer dollars, and it’s easy to take care of.

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