When I started this unit, I was completely unfamiliar with building apps in general. Now I can understand how lists function and I have basic knowledge on how blocks work. I used to think lists and clocks are complex and seemingly impossible. Now it seems like a simple task.

Christian has just begun the Spider-Man Comics because he was sick of the movies. I know that I have already completed the series.  He says that he should monitor his progress while reading the series because he wants to complete it and the other series as well. I then designed this app that keeps track of which books he reads and a deadline clock. Christian also has the problem to forget about which marvel comics go in which order, because there is such a huge abundance of them, and he wants to enjoy all of them in order, not missing a scene or detail. But, he just can’t manage to do so. He also cannot keep track of the books he covered and overreads. He needs a much more organized approach.

This is the design choice I went with because it was a simple but effective design that resembles a checkbook or checklist with a much more modern take. This design is also fitting because of all the selections that the user can choose from. However, it has a design flaw which is that the checkbook button is at the very bottom of the list. I also accidentally used the wrong button element, so the list did not function until I found out.

The quality of the app would fit Christians requirements, but I feel like it could be improved. The list functions, the app and timer work, but I did not add the rewind mode and Users Guide.  So I would rank my app as a 3/5.

My app is good because of the information and uses it conveys. it includes a library location, author, book summary, a timer, and a list. The weakness if the inconvenience of it, the limited use of it, and it only mentions the first 10 books. App Proposal DocumentComponent List                                                   IMG_9007 new