Course Reflection

Describe your favorite circuit experience in the class to date and explain why it’s the best

I enjoyed making and decorating my paper circuit because it was challenging to maintain so many wires,  to four LEDs.

Describe a challenge that you’ve overcome already in this class:

To make a complicated wire system in a parallel circuit

a. what made it a challenge

Hard to maintain so many wires

b. what you tried that didn’t work

Smoothing out the wires

c. how you finally overcame it

Trying to press down the wires around the LEDs to get more contact.

Describe a difficulty you are currently having that you have not yet overcome.

Getting more contact with LEDs

a. what about it is challenging

I already built the circuit system, and to fix it, I would have to scrap the whole project. I should have smoothed out the wires in the beginning, and placed the LEDs on the wires, and not beneath them.

b. what have you tried so far

Pressing down the wires and smoothing out the circuit

c. what are your next steps to continue trying to overcome it

Restart the circuit, and place LEDs above the wires

Explain one aspect of the class you really like and why you like it (This means Miss Kim shouldn’t change it).

The Tinkercad experience was pretty good

Explain one aspect of the class you really dislike, why you dislike it, and how Miss Kim could change it to make it better.

Could be more complicated, and use a bigger variety of materials


Project Reflection

Describe your project: the theme, the circuit, what the LEDs represent

My E-card was made for cousins during Christmas. It is a parallel circuit, and the LEDs represent ornaments on the tree.

Include a picture or two (or three but no more) of your project here

Explain one aspect that you are happy with and why

How I challenged myself to make something bigger

Explain one aspect you would do differently, how and why

Take my time to smooth out the wires