(Note: I’m using “they” for Sasha because they are agender.)

Book Rating: 4/5

Presentation Paragraph

The 57 Bus, a nonfiction book by Dashka Slater, explores the concepts of racism, sexism, and classism 8 years before, in Oakland Califonia. The book describes two adolescent boys, one white and one black, with separate identities from separate environments. On a fateful journey from the middle-class foothills towards the drug plagued lower-class communities. On that bus, that black boy’s fatal decision would shape their lives forever. One theme of this book is that people deserve more forgiveness and opportunities to change, capable people will learn from their mistakes.

Two reasons you should read this book are 1) The author incorporates big topics still prevalent today, like sexism, racism, and classism, with good detail and a compelling and emotional story. 2) The book is engaging and dramatic, with scenes immersing you into the text, making you want to read more and more. It’s an inspirational story that makes you feel emotional about life and friendship.

Something I learned during this unit is that rereading can be beneficial towards understanding central ideas and themes. It can help find deeper meaning in areas not focused on before. I need to reread pages of the book to explore deeper knowledge and understanding. `