In this product design unit, we were required to design a prototype of a tool capable of identifying smells. The design is labeled Design 3 on my design paper. My product, the Smellificator 2000, took inspiration from the Portal gun from Portal, a Sous Vide cooker, and Nitrous Oxide Canisters. The machine functions as a drone, as well as a gun. The bottom grip was designed to easily wrap around the user’s hand, as shown in image 1, for easy handling, and drone release. In addition, four propellers on all four sides and one rocket propel and control the drone, the propellers able to pivot on an axis. The first layer sucks in the smell and holds it within the fourth layer, and identifies it on the third layer. The data is then brought to the computer, the cylindrical object suspended on the first layer. The computer features an on-off button on the bottom, and a touch-pad screen on top, that displays all data and controls the entire machine. The battery is located in the middle of the machine, where the propellers are placed. To reach it, unscrew the bottom, and the battery is exposed. The gun can be used on the spot, to identify the smell. However, that won’t reveal its location. That’s what the drone is designed to do: track and locate the smell’s origin. The drone is deployed by throwing it into the air, rocket side down. There are 9 layers in total, 1-2 for sniffing, 3 to identify, 4 for smell storage, 5 for battery and propellers, 6-9 for the rocket.