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Element Poster

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The role of elements and principles in graphic design is to organize and categorize types of art, and also be presented as a foundation for any piece of work. This design task is to create an educational poster on an element or principle of graphic design, that displays and describes the element or principle clearly.

The first idea was to seamlessly blend colours, although during revisions, my partner¬† commented on the fact that it wasn’t the correct representation of form.¬† The other was to make squares within squares, although it seemed too simple. However, during the revision phase, the squares were actually the most approved of, and almost became the final piece, although the design was not complex enough, and thus was phased out.

The second idea was an abstract drawing of Phineas from Phineas and Ferb, which was then elongated. However, it didn’t illustrate depth in a way that was attractive. During the revision phase, this piece was phased out.

The third idea was the final idea. I received inspiration from igneous rock formations, which I thought represented the element of form well (constantly repeating chains of octagonal prisms (3D octagons) that potruded from the floor. ) During the revision phase, my partner said to make it less disorganized and chaotic, and rather neat protrusions from an angle, rather than from the center, which would look more attractive.

The fourth idea was to illustrate a hamburger with only potruding squares, although time ran out before it was finally completed, and was rushed into submission. This was phased out during the revision phase.

First idea Phineas and Form (Second Idea) Third Idea (Final presentation) Fourth Idea (Incomplete)

CER Menagerie

In the short story “Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu, the origami animals represent his mother’s love and his mother’s story. The main origami figure “Laohu” was the first to be brought to life, and thus, represents his mother’s mother, giving birth to his mother. The second piece of evidence that represents her

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