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The song lyrics I decided to illustrate were from “Say Can You Hear?” by Oncle Jazz.

I chose to display a marionette doll splayed across an empty stage on two ropes because the song is about grief and scapegoating, and having hope in difficult situations. The typography poster had gained inspiration from the “Peace on earth” poster, “Paper cutout affect” poster and the “Who needs the economy” poster. Ropes would have been intertwined between the words, similar to how laves are incorporated into the design of the font in “Peace on earth”. The “Paper cutout effect” poster had white text contrast against an intense and vivid backdrop, drawing more attention towards it. This affected the fact that my text is white against black, although the empty stage is not as radiant as the other poster. The text on my poster is not yet completed, although the intended purpose was for some text to be toppling downwards, similar to how it is displayed in the “Who needs the economy” poster.

The initial sketch had intended the marionette puppet to be hazy on the edges, and dripping black ink. After some feedback from Lucas, I opted for more solid and rigid details, and (although not yet incorporated) delicate lines.

I associated scapegoating with marionette puppets (cannot retaliate, powerless), and thus chose to illustrate one. The blank empty stage is to represents nobody to turn towards, which in the song, seemed to demonstrate that.

Using Design Terminology:

I decided to use serif because it felt confined and restricted, like how the song tells the listener. I used even distancing between the letters and the borders of the poster (X and Y cap heights and length). I also decided to wrap the text around the puppet because then the effect looks less organized, and deliberately made it more out of place. I decided to make the background black so the overall hierarchy would be more obvious, and so the first thing the audience notices is the central piece.

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  1. Hi Ryan, your poster is working well, although some more refinement is required to build more expression of the lyrics into the composition. Your rough sketches are excellent, although light on exploration. You have completed everything to a good level, well done.

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