I believe the Boxers deserved a bad reputation because they didn’t consider the consequences and acted upon impulse, killing people, and destroying buildings that could’ve been beneficial to Chinese development. To make a weak nation weaker is the worst decision.

During the siege of the Legation Quarter, the Boxers had targeted employees working in the Inspector Center of Customs. This included people like Robert Hart, who was beneficial to the development of Chinese technology. The Center of Customs elevated domestic trade, postal service, waterway, and harbor management. People like Robert made great strides in the translation of books, current events, and mail. The subject of translated books included law, science, and world history, topics that would assist Chinese growth. However, the Boxers would kill many of them, and people like Robert had to hide in the British Legation to remain safe.

This shows that the Boxers deserved a bad reputation because they were imprudent and rash. The killing of these people would have detrimental effects, that hinder Chinese progress. The employees of the Center of Customs were essential to domestic trade and communication. Without them, China would remain underdeveloped. If Robert Hart was murdered, China would suffer, not foreigners. The Boxers should’ve considered the effects of their actions, and what consequences would occur.


When the Boxers detonated mines under the French Legation, it resulted in a massive fire that spread in all directions. The Boxers believed they had magic powers that control fire, that only burned foreign buildings. They were wrong, and the fire actually burned more Chinese than Foreign buildings. From 21 – 23 of June in 1900, the Hanlin Academy and Library were set aflame. In addition, the Boxers surrounded churches and embassies, which were raided. the Boxers proceeded to lay siege to the Legations, and many foreigners, missionaries, victims of previous sieges, and Chinese converts hid inside the British Legation for 55 days.

This demonstrates that the Boxers deserve a bad reputation, because can’t anticipate, and make horrible decisions. They don’t understand that events have consequences, and this characteristic of the Boxers harmed more Chinese than Foreigners during the fire. They didn’t put the foreign and native thoughts into consideration. They destroyed many valuable foreign and native buildings, including the Hanlin Academy, which contained many scholars and Chinese classics.