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The lost Journals of Anton Rios


Some were on the typical island of Cuba. A car was driving through the dark jungle on a dirt road. A boy with his best friend and his dad. This little boy was called Anton, his friend Mario. Anton was 13 at the time, full of hope and joy but not for much longer. This boy was going to get a taste of what war is like. The one thing he will never escape from.

The world constantly changes but nothing like this. Cuba has become a hell compared to what it used to be. The government has become socialist, and it has killed many companies in Cuba. The democracy has been toppled by the dictatorship of Castro. The people with jobs who work on farms and plantations have lost their jobs. The communist pig has traded with the corrupt Soviet Union. After the Americas cut relations with Cuba, the Soviet Union came in and took Cuba for themselves.


Even though there is change, it has not changed everything. The poverty of the people has not changed. Cuba could never stand on its own. Without trade, Cuba will die. Cuba’s industries haven’t changed. They still deal with sugar and nothing else. They are still trading with a world power like America, but it is the USSR.



  • first picture: https://www.britannica.com/event/Vietnam-War#/media/1/628478/215046

Ryan.Q Light box project

In making this lightbox, I think that my biggest success was my planning I would say that my very detailed and that was a massive help with the rest of the lightbox painting and transferring the plan to Illustrator, but, the painting would be my biggest obstacle because I have a very detailed plan so painting these part is very difficult. A skill I have improved on was my illustrator. Overall, I think my lightbox was a success. Because in my opinion the box looks good and all my layers come together and my lighting light up the sky like how I imagined it.



Colony to Country Cubas story

Today we will be going over the tortuous tale of the Cuban Revolution. This is a tale of one man on a mission to save his country from the corrupt and evil America and in doing so almost ending the world. This man is Fedel Castro. This man saves his country from evil America and sides with the evil USSR and becoming a socialist country.

This is the tale of The Cuban Revolution

As an immigration officer, I may not always agree with your point of view But I can see where you are coming from.

Hi, my name is Ryan and my book is called Flesh and blood so cheap and the author name is Albert Marrin. My book is about the life of Italian and Russian jews Immigrant moving too America and find work. But when they get there they find that life in America isn’t as luxurious as they thought. My theme statement is: When power is given to the wrong people Bad decisions are made and the safety of the workers is forgotten. I don’t think you should read this book because it is very boring. The book is full of facts and information. Also, the is lacking in a narrative theme and I proffer more of a narrative in a story not just lots of facts. In this book, I have learnt lots of thing in this book but most is that when people have learnt that when power is given to the wrong people that the safety and care for the people under them is completely forgotten. Also, those sweatshops are the worst place to work and being an Immigrant in America back then.

The murder of civilions that were had done nothing wrong both side did it, but who is worst?

The Boxers do deserve their bad rap because of their action but the British do as well because of what they did. During the boxer rebellion, there was a  governor, that had supported the Boxers, he let all of the foreigners into his house and into the courtyard saying that they would be safe but when they were all there, he opened the doors and let the Boxers in, and all the foreigners were massacred by the Boxers. This shows that the Boxers and their supporter when not afraid to kill people that had done nothing wrong but be there. This implies that the Boxers were incredible violent with there actions and how they treated the foreigners that they had captured.


Helena the an egotistical woman?

Smart by Ryan Quigley

Midsummer nights dream by William Shakespeare. I chose Helena because she was the character seemed interesting to me how she would bitterly her good friend for a man that doesn’t even like her. The person that I picked for my magazine picture was Amber Heard because she messed up with her friend. I am proud of my claim because they seem on generic an unique.


Midsummers night dream

Me A Humanitist

How to Donate Hair for Charity – Infographics by Ryan Quigley


MY name is Ryan and I am 70% a humanist because I love science and learning things like that. But I am not a Classical Culture/ history person I prefer to look to the future for our answers. I think that I do do this because have humanities every day at school so feel like I match up with this one. And last but not least there is balance, I do this in my like. For example, I like the balance in games Ect.




A Sound Of Thunder!


Did you know about the butterfly effect, is the idea that small things can have a big effect later on like a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a typhoon in the future. Like in the story they go back to the Jurassic era Mr Eckles is running from a Titanosaurus rex antecedently steppes on a butterfly, and that changes the future when they get back. I think the big idea of the story is that when you get scared you can make mistakes or do something wrong by accident.

In the story “A Sound Of Thunder”, by Ray Bradbury, the author believes that fear sometimes leads to more problems and mistakes when making a stressful decision. When the dinosaur apiaries and they catch a glimpse of it, Mr Eckles exclaimed; “Didn’t REALIZE it would be this BIG! MISCALCULATED!  Now I want out! Get me out!” (Bradbury page 4). This is the fear that can lead to mistakes like stepping off the path or accidentally killing something and change something in that future. As the story continues and that gets back to the present they find that it has changed Eckels sat down “NO! it CAN’T be! NOT a little thing like that! NOT a thing like that! NOT a BUTTERFLY!” (Bradbury page 7). This is the fear and stress of not dying can make bad diction making just like running and accidentally stepping on the butterfly.

To sum up, my points when you make decisions under stress or fear you can make a big mistake or do something wrong. So, think about what decision you can make that will help you in the future.

Ryan.Q CERER paragraph

My Found Poem


My found poem has used the word from Ralph Fletcher’s book, the last kiss. The conflict Is an external one because the problem is with him and his dad Man vs Man. Our protagonist the kid normally has 2 kisses before bed one from his dad and one from his mum. But that night something happens that is him that is kinda a culture shock he doesn’t get his kiss from his dad that makes him the antagonist. So my poem has the antagonist is the father because in the kid’s eyes not getting a kiss from his dad was doing something wrong by not giving him a kiss. The protagonist him. It also shows how he was deprived of his kiss from his dad and kind of a culture shock for him. So the trees show how hi growing up and final tree show how as you get older some things just stop happening like the kisses and how the sunset represents how things change.



Ralph Fletcher


Sci project

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