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American Revolution in Plain English

In this assignment, we created a video that explained the American Revolution, which started in 1763 and ended in 1783. Our collaboration wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. One of our group mates caught a cold and couldn’t record with us, so my other group mate and I did more work than we originally planned.

Trapped by Marc Aronson

This book is called Trapped, written by Marc Aronson. My theme is that when people work together, they can achieve much more than they can without help, this is shown as the government decided to request for expert miners and engineers to come to the site and collaborate with the miners and engineers currently at the site to save the 33 miners trapped 2,300 feet below the Chilean Desert. I chose to read this book because from the title you could see that 33 miners have been trapped 2,300 feet below ground, and the fact that the world has rescued these men brought more attention. One thing I learned in the nonfiction unit is that nonfiction can sometimes be as interesting as a regular fiction or fantasy story.

Boxer Rebellion Thinglink Map

The boxers deserve a bad reputation because what they did was wrong and completely unreasonable.

According to Jeremiah, the boxers slaughtered tons of Christians because the boxers thought the Christians were responsible for the droughts in Shandong. The boxers also slaughtered Chinese Christians as well who were their own men. This shows that the boxers don’t care about who they’re killing, if they are Christians, they will slaughter them, even if they are Chinese.

The boxers slaughtered dozen foreign lives, and Chinese lives as well. This shows just how brutal these boxers are.

MSND Magazine Cover

Are You a Renaissance Humanist?

Miss Marple Tells a Story CER

Not everything is as it seems. In this story, Miss Marple tells readers about the death of Mrs. Rhodes, and explains that her husband, Mr. Rhodes, who is being falsely accused for murdering her, actually didn’t.

In the story Miss Marple Tells a Story, by Agatha Christie, the author believes that not everything is what is seems. Around the climax of the story, Miss Marple says: ‘“That’s where you’re wrong. You wouldn’t see her… It was the same dress, but not the same woman.’” (Christie, Page 5). Stating that the chambermaid who killed Mrs. Rhodes was not the same chambermaid who entered Mrs. Rhodes’s room. Here, Miss Marple explains that the “chambermaid” who killed Mrs. Rhodes was not actually a chambermaid, but Carruthers, who disguised herself as a chambermaid by using a wig.

Another example is when Mr. Rhodes is being accused for murdering Mrs. Rhodes when Mr. Rhodes was in his room at the Crown Hotel the entire time. Here we can see that although Mr. Rhodes clearly didn’t kill Mrs. Rhodes because of perspective, the truth has been bent and Mr. Rhodes is being falsely accused for it.

Fish Cheeks Found Poem

I think that “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan is a man vs. society because in the second paragraph, the main character, Amy, is scared of her crush, Robert’s opinion of Chinese Christmas. Amy compares Chinese Christmas with American Christmas, she states that her Chinese relatives lacked American manner. I chose the fish cheeks dish because of the story title, I screenshot all of the parts to put them in various sizes to emphasize some things.

Ignite Week: Blog Post 5

Looking back on this project, I learned that writing with same topic paragraphs is an easy way to organize your work. Knowing what I know now, I would put the same topic sentences into one paragraph because then I can organize my work.

My biggest fail was trying to make everything as I wanted it.

A skill I could use in the future would be writing with a few rules. One thing I’m proud of doing is following the rules to make the story more interesting.

Express it: Create and Improve

My three original goals to this project are:

  • Slightly humorous
  • Not the same as the stories of the future story
  • A little more dialogue compared to the stories of the future story

Two challenges to this project are:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of idea

This is my project so far:

My goal for tomorrow is to revise what I have written and change it up.

Express it: Develop and Plan

Story outline: Asher always wanted to go to the moon, finally at age of thirteen, he was off. While he was playing ball while skating with his friends, he saw the alien base, an alien had just killed three men and sent a probe away to their solar system, if the probe makes it to the alien home planet, Earth will be erased from existence, along with his family. Asher and his friends fly to planet Harmony as fast as they could with urgent news. Will planet Harmony Space Marines be able to train Asher and his friends to fight off the alien invasion in time?

Some potential challenges to this project are:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of idea

I hope that this project will be much different and much better than the one we wrote about life in 2050.

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