Fraternity, Equality, Legality: The French Revolution

His name is DamiƩn Severin, the typical bourgeoise of France. He started as a sympathetic supporter of the revolution, detailing about the actions of the revolutionaries to a skeptic, questioning the status quo when faced with death. From the Storming of the Bastille to the Reign of Terror, this journal shows the viewpoint of the French Revolution from the perspective of the middle class of France.

A lot of things changed and stayed the same after the French Revolution. Before the revolution, there was inequality with the Old Regime and unbalanced taxations, but after the revolution there was still inequality with trial without representation and imprisonment without trial. Another example is the government system; before the revolution, France was ruled by a monarchy, after the revolution the government was taken over by Napoleon as Emperor of France, and eventually the throne was restored with King Louis XVIII as the King of France. However, there was several changes during the French revolution. An example is the humanist thoughts that developed in the period of Enlightenment, involving the removal of the clergy of France. In addition, several important constitutions and the Declaration of the Rights of Man were made during the revolution that expanded on the idea of democracy. To sum up, the a lot was changed during the French revolution, likewise a lot also stayed the same.

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