My life through the American Revolution

Hello. My name is Eli. I’m not rich neither poor. I work as a blacksmith and blacksmiths don’t really get that much money but it’s fine. I don’t usually share this with others, in fact, I don’t share anything with others, but I don’t like my job very much I’m a bit lazy, and blacksmithing needs a lot of work especially when you’re in Boston.

Anyway, I hope you read and enjoy my Journal.

After the American Revolution, many things have changed. for example, It has been a long time since I’ve last seen someone who lost their future because of where they were born or who their parents were, or maybe someone who’s forced to follow their leaders’ beliefs and not their own. a lot has changed because of the American Revolution.

But one thing that did not change is slavery especially in the south, there is still slaves in the south of America even after the American Revolution even after they announced that all men are created equal in the Declaration of Independence. And speaking of which, we still have white wealthy men as presidents and leaders, and I don’t think that there’s any change happening soon.

Reflect, Make an Impact & Share PD

we had “Making a lightbox” as our first unit, each student chose a lightbox design that represents a special place to them, some made a mountain ( Mr. Layman for instance ) some chose to make a house, but I chose to make the letters 221B with Start Wars fonts but it seemed too easy and simple and it won’t fill the whole box either so Mr.layman told me that a door would be nice so I made a door! which is sherlock holmes’ door, there’s nothing really special about it just holds a  famous number which is 221B  and his name “Sherlock” on the letter mail. I chose it because I like sherlock and I didn’t really have any other ideas.

I ended up mixing the color blue and brown to create this color to use for the door frame like it shows in the following picture

I also added a little white to the color i made earlier although it’s not really that big of a difference. I did that to paint the transom window


but for the panels, I decided to mix brown and gray to make brown I guess, I was hoping for a different color but I got light brown

I’ve also painted my box white, I dont think I have to take a picture of that since all of my pictures has the box with it

and last but not least for the letter mail, I used a  brown/ goldish color and wrote “Sherlock” using a black pen with a little help for a friend. and I used a white colored pencil to write 221B I couldn’t use the laser cutter to cut “221B” so I wrote it

and that is all the colors that I’ve used.

before I started on this project I never thought I could do something like this and I never knew how. it’s not as hard as I excepted it to be, but can’t lie its a bit complicated, I’ve learned some things through this unit I actually learned some weird things like what is the glass in the door are called ( transom ), things that are so unrelated to making a lightbox but I also learned how to make one and I learned what color you would get if you mixed blue and brown which is actually cool. I can now brag about how I discovered a color which was already discovered……., anyway at least I can say that I learned some things.

i wrote ( a friend of mine wrote ) some names that are somehow related to sherlock on the side, like Dr.Watson, Marry Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Mrs. Hudson, and others, it did not look the best but i did it anyway.

althought i like my work but there’s Somethings that I’d like to change about my lightbox, like the colors they dont look great together i could’ve change them but i didnt have time, and the design and by design i spesficlly mean the transom window i mean yeah it looks great but the dot in the , so one piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be first don’t put much paint, be creative do something different than what the others are doing, work hard on your design and don’t forget to plan your whole project before starting, because if you put me as an example, i started changing things and it didnt really look that well, ok change might be good but think about first, also i didnt really chose my colors which put me in a awakrd  position

ok i might have been talking about what i did wrong, but honestly i feel good about my work for example when it came to the door migurerments it was actually great ok yes i used help from Mr. laymen but it was still good, also lets not forget the main idea to be honest im proud of myself! :).

This is my final project


and this is my final design

How He Marched


This book is called March by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell.  This book is talking about how did John Lewis fight for his rights as a black person and what he became.


I think that you should read the book “March” it’s a great book, it starts off with John lewis and what he accomplished and then it tells his whole story, it’s a cool graphic novel with cool drawings, they described his story in a great way