My life through the American Revolution

Hello. My name is Eli. I’m not rich neither poor. I work as a blacksmith and blacksmiths don’t really get that much money but it’s fine. I don’t usually share this with others, in fact, I don’t share anything with others, but I don’t like my job very much I’m a bit lazy, and blacksmithing needs a lot of work especially when you’re in Boston.

Anyway, I hope you read and enjoy my Journal.

After the American Revolution, many things have changed. for example, It has been a long time since I’ve last seen someone who lost their future because of where they were born or who their parents were, or maybe someone who’s forced to follow their leaders’ beliefs and not their own. a lot has changed because of the American Revolution.

But one thing that did not change is slavery especially in the south, there is still slaves in the south of America even after the American Revolution even after they announced that all men are created equal in the Declaration of Independence. And speaking of which, we still have white wealthy men as presidents and leaders, and I don’t think that there’s any change happening soon.

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