The Boxers: Patriots & Vigilantes

It has been 120 years since the Boxer War in Beijing, China. The Boxer Rebellion were rebels who despised western culture. They were originated from the Shandong province in China. It all started with the Boxers blaming the Christian missionaries for causing either droughts or floods in the province. They create an uprising and head […]

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How Much of a Humanist Am I?

Humanism was a belief to increase knowledge, morality, to the overall society without any intervention from the church. It was also used to create development in humanities. Humanism was started during the Renaissance, also the “rebirth” and enlightenment of Europe after their suffering in the dark ages. This is an infographic about how much I […]

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Circuits and Me #1

Course Reflection: My favorite experience in Circuits was making my circuit to actually work. In my formative assessment, I tried to do my design but failed. So I learned from that failure and persevered. The next day, my design actually worked. Which made me very proud of my resilience. My first ever practice was successful, […]

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Fishy Conflicts

My found poem, used by the reading passage, “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan demonstrates the internal conflict of the protagonist, Amy. Amy has an internal conflict between her Chinese ethnicity and her. Thus, Character vs Nature, conflict. To give a brief summary, in this reading passage, Amy Tan is a Chinese teenager who is embarrassed […]

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Coding App Blog

I used to think that any app creator can create an app for anything when they want. However, I have realized that an app creator should have a client to know what problem they need to solve by the app.  By solving a problem that has affected the client, can make the process of creating […]

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