My earliest Theatre Memory

My earliest Theatre Memory is when I was little, in a drama summer camp in Vancouver, Canada.  That time, I was only 7, nobody really knows what acting and ensemble is back then. We played games like “you act I guess”, and practicing basic movements.

It was my first time get in touch with acting and ensemble, or just drama. There’s a big room full of space for us to play, we even had pizza Fridays! Teachers/volunteers also let us choose a story (snow white, cinderella…etc.), play a role in it, and share it as a group to the audience, which is just our families!

I was the old lady/fairy in Cinderella, I used some fabric to make the original clothes of the old lady, and borrowed a pretty dress to show the contrast. And I remembered that one of my lines are:”You must leave before 12:00 O’clock, don’t let anyone see you!!” Haha, it was interesting watching kids trying so hard and looking so funny (that’s what my mom said…). And at the end of the day, we had those ice-cream stick freesies. I had so much fun! And starting from that time, acting has belonged to my interests, and will continue!

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