Talking about improvisation, I used to think that it’s about how you react with different scenes and relationships within the topic you’re given. But now, adding on to that, there are more techniques and skills to be well with responding to the scene. Like thinking quickly, taking the risk, saying “yes” to continue the scene,  and creating the characters. Now, I think it’s really just about some general ideas that relates to your daily life. And the normal way of how people react everyday.

One thing that I remembered about improvisation is that the more you add, or the more space you give for your partners to add on and build more layers of the scene, it becomes more interesting. This is a very important thing so that the scene is able to continue.

During improvisation, I am able to catch the scenes thrown by my partner, but sometimes, ideas don’t come to me, I can’t continue the scene with some new topics and thinking. Maybe in the future classes, I can work more active, by starting the scene, adding on much more, and think ahead.

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