The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian

Title: The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian

Author: Sherman Alexie

Page #: 1-150


  • Junior steps out of his comfort zone to make a change. Why would he want to do that? Even if he plays a role in white schools, will the stereotype of Indians to them change?
  • Why the big guy didn’t fight back when being punched by Junior?

Page #: 150-194

  • Arnold plays against his old school and his old friend Rowdy, even though he didn’t feel well playing against them, he still exceeded himself and decides to guard Rowdy (his best friend).
  • Junior’s dad’s best friend Eugene was dead, and he thought that his family was being punished.

Page #195-end

  • Arnold and Rowdy became close friends again,  they played one-on-one but didn’t keep score, everything was like before.
  • What was the problem that caused the estrangement between them?

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