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Chinese Cultural Revolution in plain english

Our assignment is to make a video for the revolution that we choose in humanities. My partner is Angela Wang, we have collaborated well in making the video together. We have made the video on time and Angela have edited the video really well.

“I am Malala” a book that keeps us thinking


“I am Malala” is a book by Malala Yousafzai who is a girl that was being shot for standing up for education. The book tells us her life and experiences that explores discrimination, gender inequality and education for women. The book is about how Malala fights for human rights and women’s right for education. Also about how Malala fights against the Taliban, which is a political movement and military organization in Afghanistan currently wagging war within that country. Which banned girls from going to school and made Women wear head scarves when going outside.

Top two reasons of why we should read this book is because, it will make us think how lucky we are to get education, to live in a peaceful country and to not worry about when a suicide bomb will land. Making us think that till this day, people are still fighting for the right to have education. Malala revealed the struggle for girls that comes across education, she had written about what her world were like during that period of time when the Taliban was trying to get rid of (girls) schools. She kept going and going, she didn’t care what other people said to her, just like her father- Ziauddin Yousafzai. What we seem to have already, to them at that time was unreachable. Girls are not allowed to go to school after the age of 11, but Malala didn’t. She was in love with learning, and she wants her love to be spread around her country. Malala knows that she is really lucky to have a father that supported her, let her go to school, thinking that Malala can be as powerful as men. She was grateful for this, she stood up and made speeches to people in her country. She didn’t stop fighting after she was shot by the Taliban, in fact after Malala was shot, more and more people supported her.

‘I am Malala. The world has changed but I have not’-Malala Yousafzai.

Something I learned in this unit is that, I have to dig deep to understand the whole meaning of ‘I am Malala.’ This book isn’t just about a girl fighting for human rights, there’s more to that. When I started reading the book, I have to push myself to read it. But after reading some chapters, I started to enjoy the book.

The Boxer Rebellion

I think that the Boxer deserves a bad reputation. The Boxer of Rebellion first started in Shandong, back then they were only helping China to defend other countries from invading them. In 1900, the Boxer movement quickly spread around China towards the Beijing area, where they killed Chinese Christians and Christian missionaries. Not only they kill people, the Boxer also destroyed churches and railroad stations, cutting railway lines and also destroying other properties. Forcing other countries like the U.S invading into China and taking it down, also to rescue Chinese christians. This makes the situation more complicated. Soon, other countries joined the Americans and built a wall in Peking (now known as Beijing), that only foreigners were aloud in. Adding on to this, other countries started killing Boxer in Peking, but due to the fact that they don’t know who the Boxer actually is, they killed a lot of innocent people. This shows that the Boxer deserves a bad reputation. Although they were defending China at first and had helped China fight other countries/foreigners, they didn’t stop killing after that.

In conclusion, the Boxer were really selfish, because they have killed lots of innocent Chinese Christians just because they don’t want Chinese people to believe in Christianity. The Boxer made villagers feel unsafe which wasn’t the original intention at first.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Hermia magazine

This is a magazine that I made for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ I chose the character Hermia.

Are you a Renaissance humanist?

Miss Marple’s Final Cases CERER



People who look innocent can be harmful, so don’t trust your eyes. “Mary Hill is a local woman. She had been chambermaid at the Crown for ten years. There seems absolutely no reason why she should commit a sudden assault on a guest. She is, in any case, extraordinarily stupid, almost half-witted. She brought Mrs. Rhodes her hot-water bottle and says the lady was drowsy—just dropping off to sleep. Frankly, I cannot believe, and I am sure no jury would believe, that she committed the crime” (Chistie 3). This paragraph didn’t directly tell us why people who look innocent can be harmful. But from the author’s description we can see that Mary Hill (the chambermaid) is under suspicion, where the others think that she cannot do such thing like murdering. You cannot judge someone from their past, you can only judge a person by now. “Out of the tail of your eye you saw a chambermaid come in, go into your wife’s room, come back and go out. It was the same dress—but not the same woman. That’s what the people having coffee saw—a chambermaid goes in and a chambermaid come out. The electrician did the same. I dare say if a chambermaid were very pretty a gentleman might notice her face—human nature being what it is—but if she were just an ordinary middle-aged woman—well—it would be the chambermaid’s dress you would see—not the woman herself” (5-6). This paragraph is kind of complicated because actually there are two chambermaids, the one that is the real chambermaid and the fake one. We all think that the chambermaid won’t do such evil thing, but we never thought of what if someone uses that innocent impression that we all have for the chambermaid and turn it to a murderer. Then no one will know who did the murdering.


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