My Many Regrets

This is my E-Book on the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It follows Xiao Ming, a 16-year-old girl who was brainwashed into joining the Red Guards. She ends up having her house burned at looted and then gets sent to a labor camp/re-education camp. Finally, she decided to put her past behind her and move on. One day she gets the news of Mao Ze Dongs death and decides to finish the journal she started all those years ago with a brand new outlook on the revolution and on life itself.

Chinese Cultural Revolution In Plain English

What was the Cultural Revolution?

A video made by : Lia Shayman and Sophia Shokatz

As you can see by watching this video the revolution its self was quite eventful, It was packed with rebellion, violence, backstabbing, and more. Though quite interesting it can be quite a touchy subject when it comes to the modern day. So we wanted to give an unbiased rundown on what happened in a quick 5 minutes. This revolution was like many others, it followed the pattern of some sort of power struggle followed by a revolt and then some sort of order being restored either temporarily or permanently.  With this carefully crafted video we hope you learn lots about the revolution!

Lizzie Borden and the Murder of the Century ‼️

The Borden Murders, a book by Sarah Miller follows a theme about how yes, there will be talk and rumors and gossip. but those shouldn’t be used as solid evidence to convict a criminal. There are many examples throughout the book namely pages 126, 96, 20 that discuss “evidence” that turns out to just be talk of the town. as an example on page 126, the newspapers get reports from an unnamed source talking about an exchange that goes something like Lizzie Borden talking about how her sister “gave her away.” It’s an obvious lead that should mean nothing, it didn’t have a clear source and it had no other witnesses yet cops and detectives took it seriously. on page 96 it talks about a drug store clerk who told cops about how Lizzie had a murder plan and yet again they believed him. A normal civilian accused her with no evidence other than “please believe me”. and finally on page 20, they accused her because of her demeanor, nothing else just her demeanor. you should read this book if you like murder cases. if you wanted something to keep you hooked and interested that had to do with murder this would be the book. if you wanted a social issues book however I think that this isn’t the right choice, it doesn’t have any other underlying themes that I can see and I think it’s more of a fun read rather than an informational one.

In this unit, I learned how I can properly organize my notes into coherent thoughts. And I think ill use these strategies moving forwards.

Did the Boxers REALLY deserve the hate?

I think the Boxers do deserve a bad rep. The Boxers, an aggressive and violent group of anti-Christians and anti-foreigner men, killed thousands and though yes, they had a reason to get upset they never had a reason to go and kill all these people. Most of which are just missionaries. Now I’m not saying that the missionaries from the countries were necessarily right they also deserve a bad rep. But the Boxers in my opinion did worse things and jumped the gun on a lot of violence and bloodshed. For example, when the Boxers killed 2 German missionaries in November of 1897. After that China had to give up parts of Qingdao, a city on the yellow sea coast, to Germany which spiraled into gifting land to many other countries, including Britain, france, Japan and more. The Boxers also ended up killing 44 other missionaries which was a planned attack by the Shanxi province governor. “Shanxi Provincial governor executes 44 missionary families, after offering asylum at Taiyuan” (Boxer war timeline). Overall, I think that the Boxers were overly aggressive and could have resolved all there problems with words and non-violent acts.

Thank you m’am

This found poem is based of the story “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes.  And personally I think that the conflict that takes place in this story is internal. It shows the battle between good and evil inside of one individual’s head, and shows how with a good leading example you will make the right choice in the end. My poem shows this conflict by stating that instead of running away from the house Roger stays and even thanks to the woman. He was given the opportunity to run away but after being taught right from wrong he stays and goes to the sink. I personally associate the color purple with mystery and adventure. I thin purple was a choice of color because it was really a shift in mindset for roger and that shows this new mysterious good side to him. The purse represents the purse roger ended up breaking.




Humanities CER paragraphs

The Last Case

By: Sophia


Despite the human race only being able to see ahead of them, there are different angles you can see the world at, right? People often will just look at what’s right in front of them, but everyone should widen their view to see other peoples perspectives and opinions. The story Mrs. Marple’s final cases by Agatha Christie is a great example of seeing all possible options and looking at other angles before deciding the outcome. In this story Mrs. Marple is re-telling one of her last cases as a private investigator, it’s a case about how one-man, Mr. Rhodes was the prime suspect in his own wife’s murder. The man claims he’s innocent and with one of Mrs. Marple’s friend Mr. Petherick they ask for Mrs. Marple’s help. The big idea is getting at the point that there’s always going to be more than one way to look at things and that you should find all possibility’s before fully choosing one.


In the story Miss Marple’s Final Cases, by Agatha Christie, the author believes that there will always be a different perspective that you haven’t seen yet. In the beginning of the story Mr. Petherick says, “’ you see my dear lady” he said “it is tainted with what I call the specialists point of view. Give Sir Malcom a case and he sees only one point, the most likely line of defense. But even the best line of defense may ignore completely what is, to my mind, the vital point. It takes no account of what actually happened.”’ (Christie 2) This dialogue Mr. Petherick says shows that he thinks people including the defendant Mr. Rhodes lawyer Sir Malcom will assume its over for Mr. Rhodes and only can see the possibility that he did it. He thinks that everyone has their heart set on it already being Mr. Rhodes so he comes to Mrs. Marple for advice and a new opinion. As you see later on in the story after Mrs. Marple hears what happens she tells them this, “’ In that case” I said “the whole thing seems remarkably simple” And really, you know, it did… the simplest thing in the world.  And yet no one seemed to have seen it that way.”’ (Christie 4) This clearly shows how she saw the seemingly one-sided crime in a different angle than anyone else has. She knows that not everything is always what it seems and that looking deeper into things can change situations drastically.

No faker songolouge

This is my drama project on the song No Faker. the song was written by one of my favorite artists Mxmtoon. It’s about letting people know that i’m not going to pretend to be someone i’m not because you want me to. I really like the message this song brings to people which is why i chose it. i feel like everyone should be be able to be themselves with no fear. I also connect to the lyrics as sometimes i get caught up in what others think about me.