A problem I had with my artwork is that when you paint over the background you can barely see the thing I draw but instead see the background. So then I covered lots of layers on top of the paint. Sometimes I keep covering up what I draw so I need to try not to change what I was drawing but instead ask the teacher instead. Right now I changed my thinking into putting jellyfishes on my artwork, and that “worked well”.

This artwork is actually not what I was hoping it to be. My first idea is actually drawing corals and sea life under the water, but then I messed up because the paint can’t cover my background color. So, I decided to change my idea into drawing the jellyfish.

One thought on “Engage&Persist

  1. Please upload a photo of your painting and your artist statement in a final reflect post. You worked well to get your painting, blog and artist statement done in time. You have shown improvement in this project!
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