My Persona Poster

What is Graphic design?

Basically it’s another type of art for me, putting into a lot of categories, graphic design has a lot you can explore. For example in your everyday life, you can see a lot of things based on it.

What’s my most memorable experience designing?

Designing out my own character.

I hope I can get better at my drawing skills and my basic drawing techniques.

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For this work, I tried to put in elements of my note-taking things; Like my everyday school life. I put in doodling as if I’m drawing on my notebook. I also put in a cat. My favorite animal also. I chose to do this type of style is also because I think that this relates to me.
On the other hand, for my goal setting, I think it would be better if I focused more on drawing techniques and design layouts to make my work more interesting.

Made with Padlet

One thought on “My Persona Poster

  1. Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for taking the time to complete and submit all the parts of this unit. I hope that in the future you can hand in all the work without any reminders 🙂

    Your poster is wonderful – the style is playful and expressive, and the design is cohesive. Very well done!

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